Thankful :’)

So the haze is back with a vengeance after a respite over the past weekend. At 10pm, the 3h PSI was 194 which is like unhealthy range? Anw I’ve been super paranoid about this haze thing this year also, not v sure why but I’m just like OMG IM GNA DIE every time I step outside and I can smell haze hahaha.

I had dinner w Marcus and we chatted till around 10pm? Then the dessert place kinda chased us away so we went to NTUC and then parted ways. Called home to check if my sissy was home yet and she wasn’t so I called her ask if she wanted to go home together. And just as I met her, my phone rang and… it was my dad offering to pick the both of us up because the haze was v bad.

Because even though home is just a bus ride away, from the bus stop to my house it’s still about a mininum 5min walk D: WHICH MEANS 5 MINUTES OF BREATHING IN HAZARDOUS PARTICLES WHICH MEANS 5 MINUTES CLOSER TO DEATH. And thinking of that, my dad offered to leave the comfort of home to drive to Bishan just so that we wouldn’t have to breathe in the haze any more than we had to.

WHERE TO FIND THIS KIND OF FATHERLY LOVE :’) Thinking about it rly makes me feel v fortunate and loved. My dad doesn’t say I love you, but shows it in the little actions like that :’)

Thankful :’)

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