OMG, got my heart stolen hehe

Cheesy as cheese title of blog post but it rly expresses how I feel about Oh My Ghostess. Can’t believe my journey with Na Bong Sun and Chef and Shin Soon Ae is over 😦


I remember reading about the previews/ teasers for the show and I immediately was like OK MUST WATCH. Partly because I rly loved Park Bo Young in A Werewolf Boy and Hot Young Blood and partly because I thought that premise of the show was interesting –

Shy and timid Na Bong Sun (Park Bo-young) gets possessed by Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul-gie), a ghost who believes that the only way of ascending to heaven is to sleep with a man and in the process gets a complete personality makeover. Her sudden chirpy attitude confuses her coworkers in the restaurant she works at, and most of all, it confuses Chef (whose real name doesnt matter. Becos he is just Chef). The ghost realises that he is the “man of vitality” AKA the only man she can sleep with (because rules of the drama/ he is the male lead) so in Bong Sun’s body, she aggressively pursues him. Bong Sun agrees to the ghost possessing her after awhile because luckily enough, she has had a thing for Chef (Jo Jung-suk) since forever. So it all works out! Kinda. Also it’s important to note that Soon Ae died mysteriously because drama is not just about romance yknw.

I was so blown away by Park Bo-young’s acting skills eh really. Prior to this, I’ve only seen her in the two movies I mentioned above. AND RLY. Isn’t she the cutest ever omg so pint sized and adorable rly. Anyway!! The characters she played in the movies were similar in that they were a bit quieter (albeit in different ways). In AWB, she was sickly so already that limits how spirited she can be. In Hot Young Blood, she was the gangster schoolgirl was too cool for school. Which meant we don’t really see any aegyo from her either because what kind of leader of a group of girl gangsters (what do you call them actually? the collective noun I mean. gang of gangsters? gaggle of gangsters??) would show any weakness. SO I THINK. She must have stored up all that aegyo and unleashed it on the unsuspecting audience of Oh My Ghostess.

The thing is, the ghost possession was SO BELIEVABLE. It was great because we saw her as Bong Sun first and we also saw Soon Ae the ghost – two characters who are totally polar opposites in personality. THEN. We saw Park Bo-young acting as Bong Sun possessed by Soon Ae. Give it some time for your head to wrap around that LOL. But IT WAS RLY BELIEVABLE. Like it didn’t feel like Bong Sun suddenly became lively (for us audiences in the know), rather, I honestly felt like Soon Ae was IN Bong Sun. The mannerisms, the way she spoke, etc – everything was reminiscent of the ghost we were introduced to. There was no trace of Bong Sun at all. Park Bo-young was really the star of the show for me.

Ofc PJ would disagree and label Chef and Joon (one of the assistant chefs) as the show-stealers:


All in all, I was really satisfied by the drama. It was great that it wasn’t a straight up romance drama and I really liked how the subplot (is it really counted as a subplot tho.. that’s assuming that I put the romance as the main plot. Ok yes I will assume that) weaved into the main romance of the show. I guess one littleee niggling thing is that they kinda rushed the subplot a bit? I thought that they would get to the mystery solving a lot sooner but in fact the bulk of it happened rather quickly nearing the end of the series? But still, it was a good build up I guess! The drama littered clues for us to figure out the truth, but partly because of that, a lot of it was waiting for what we already knew to happen? NOT THAT IT DETRACTED FROM THE GOODNESS THAT IS THE DRAMA OFC.


1. Chef/ Bong Sun/ Soon Ae’s relationship

There were certain points of the drama that I was rather worried about but I’m SO incredibly glad that the writers somehow pulled everything together and it worked yknw. One of the main concerns I had was when there was this extended period that Soon Ae was possessing Bong Sun. For one, as viewers we would be connecting more with Soon Ae than with Bong Sun – who is supposed to be the main character. I wanted to emphathise with Bong Sun as Bong Sun, not Soon Ae as Bong Sun. More importantly, plot-wise, Chef was falling for Soon Ae!! I remember feeling quite worried that all the instances of him falling in love was with Soon Ae’s actions, her words, etc. WHERE WAS BONG SUN?? I wondered. I was also wondering why Soon Ae didn’t bother filling Bong Sun in whenever she came out of her body – isn’t that the polite thing to do? But okay it worked out.

I was so glad that Bong Sun decided to come clean about Soon Ae possessing her. Her growing unease at how Chef was recalling memories he made with Soon Ae and not her was evident and I thought it was really important that they worked out the issue rather than her letting it slide and pretending that she was the one that made all those memories with Chef. It was rly heartbreaking though, when she realised that Chef wasn’t remembering conversations and dates with her but rather all that with Soon Ae. I was like NUUUUUU BONG SUN 😥 And I remember the scene where she confessed, Chef was left in the cable car and in his shock, he forgets to disembark and the car carries him upwards and away from her. I was rly like THIS IS SO POETIC. I really love scenes like that!!

I remember feeling quite confident that Chef was in love with Bong Sun. My confidence stemmed from how he did like the girl that was conveyed through Bong Sun’s blog (AKA the true her when you strip away all that shyness) and how he was already looking after her in his on brusque way before all the drama (lol pun) happened. But then the extended period of possession came and Chef started a relationship with Soon Ae in Bong Sun’s body and I was like OMG NO??? D:

I think Chef realised that he actually still likes Bong Sun and I think the writers tried to lead us to that conclusion as well. Imo it still didn’t feel that convincing. But I kinda suspended my disbelief a bit. I would have liked them to dwell a bit more on Chef’s emotional conflict about which girl he liked but I guess time was running out and we had to focus on the subplot hahaha.

2. Soon Ae

CAN I JUST SAY THAT THIS GIRL IS Q ADORABLE ALSO? Not as adorable as Park Bo-young sorry but still she’s so cute! And so wronged in the show. I loved her character growth – from a ghost whose only concern was to sleep with a man to one who truly worried for Bong Sun and wanted the best for Bong Sun and Chef.

I also loved her relationship with Shaman unnie (who btw also had a rly cute relationship w Chef’s mum omg why are all the relationships in the drama so cute!!). The scenes of Soon Ae being chased by the Shaman unnie were quite hilarious and juxtaposed with how she sent Soon Ae away… omg. It was really super sad yknw how she developed affections for the ghost after all that time spent together and then she had to say goodbye SIGH. I was really quite sad at that scene.

Also the scene where Soon Ae sent her father back to the living world omg. HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME SHOW. 😥 So heartbreaking how she stopped him. But I thought that scene was rly important to because it gave her dad the opportunity for closure to her death.

3. Sung Jae

Not sure how to feel about this character but I thought his last moments (or what we thought were his last moments la hor) were vv well-handled! Like how when he recalled the happier memories he had with his wife and with Soon Ae when the evil spirit was momentarily out of his body and how he struggled with himself (or with the spirit?) and finally chose to fall off the building. I found that part a bit awkward though, like huh like that the evil spirit die already?!? But okay I’ll just go with it.

The backstory of what happened before the car accident with Eun Hee was interesting. He struggled with himself before he just couldn’t kill his father (there’s still a good Sung Jae inside!!) but I think ultimately the evil spirit won when he just rolled over Eun Hee omg urgh EVIL TTM. Im Joo Hwan’s a rly good actor omg rly scary how he could look so kindly but at the next moment have a chilling look of murderous intent on his face. Amazing leh rly.

I would have liked to know why he married Eun Hee after the accident tho. Like isnt that a bit morbid of him?! So I was thinking that it might have been a combination of guilt and maybe eventually love from the kind Sung Jae that was somehow still trapped inside the body. Sigh poor man.


I cried for the first half of the last episode sigh. I mean, we all knew that Soon Ae had to leave but I wasn’t prepared to be so emotionally affected by her goodbyes with all the different groups of people she had interactions with?? And I thought it was rly generous of Bong Sun to lend Soon Ae her body to say goodbye to Chef YAY BONG SUN!

The second half of the episode was like a catching up of their lives after all that hooha. Also there was a jump of two years in time where Bong Sun had 2 years away to learn to be a chef herself (also away from Chef!). SO CUTE how he was so anxious about her and tries so hard to play it cool hehehe. One of Chef’s cutest character traits. Then Bong Sun comes back and all is right with the world again:

Go to Europe become so liberal wow


I really really enjoyed this drama sigh. And I think one of the best things was having PJ watch it at the same time as me?? It was so amusing watching her fangirl over the drama and Chef and Joon LOL. I thought the plot and the characters were both quite amazing and rly rly super enjoyable to watch and follow.

So to end off, I have a guest appearance from PJ:

Pls note the last line HAHAHA
Pls note the last line HAHAHA
OMG, got my heart stolen hehe

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