Love from housemates come in small things


Selene came back from London the day I was supposed to fly to Morocco. The girl arrived home at 4am but still bothered to wake up before 9am because she wanted to have breakfast together :’)


I remember I was very bothered by what to pack to Morocco because I would have to pack to battle the chill here in Netherlands as I walked to and fro the train station and home. But Morocco would be incredibly hot. I wouldn’t want to bring my coat all the way to Morocco also because how lame would that be right, carrying a coat to a place where the temperature is above 30 degrees. So I was very much in a dilemma. I voiced it to Aloy and to my utter surprise and disbelief, he said that he could help me bring my coat over to the train station when I’m back so I wouldn’t have to face the cold omg. I WAS SO LIKE WTH ARE YOU SERIOUS. I didn’t really believe it tho because didn’t want to give myself false hope of warmth hahaha.

So I borrowed Selene’s light down jacket from Uniqlo that is amazing because it can be rolled into a small little thing that I can hang on my bag and mentally prepared myself to walk back home with only that.

But when I touched down in the Netherlands, I received a message from Aloy saying to let him know what time I would arrive at the train station because it was cold and that he would pick me up omg I WAS LIKE OMG ARE YOU SURE ARE YOU FOR REAL T.T T.T

And so when I arrived and walked out of the train station, I was greeted by the familiar faces of Aloy and Marcus and I cannot even describe how happy and lucky I felt. Marcus was there becos he was going home la but still omg SO MUCH LOVE.

When I got home, Selene who tends to cave up in her room at night came running down to say hi and Aloy heated up the chik kut teh that Selene cooked (and saved for me) and I HAD FOOD. Because my flight was at 4.55pm and no food on the plane so I didn’t have a proper dinner T.T And they knew so they kept food for me omg I WAS SO TOUCHED YKNW. I walked home warm because I had food and came home to a warm family and food ^^v

So touched :’)


And this morning they all gathered in my room to talk. I love little things like that and it’s little things like that that I will miss the most from my exchange 🙂

Love from housemates come in small things

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