2 months to go

I thought I would be super onz about my blog and update frequently about my happenings here in Europe, but who was I kidding? If I don’t have the good habit of updating when I’m in Singapore, whatever made me think that I’ll be hardworking about my blog here? Time rly flew and now I’m left with two more months in Europe. The weather has turned so much warmer, I’ve almost forgotten about how I had to wear so many layers in winter. The change in temperature was quite gradual and suddenly I’m wearing only a top and a coat out. It’s quite interesting really. Plus the days are longer! The sun sets after 9pm now, what a sharp contrast from when I arrived and the sun set at 5pm. It was really quite depressing.

In the past five months, I’ve travelled to Norway, London, Berlin, and Paris. I’ve also been around Netherlands a bit – Rotterdam (ofc), Amsterdam, The Hague (kinda. because I mainly go to Primark and Marks and Spencers there hehe), Delft, Maastricht, Eindhoven (kinda, didn’t really explore the place much), and Utrecht.

I’ve bought a postcard from every place I visit and I mail it to my family once I’m back in Rotterdam. There’s this bittersweet feeling that hits me every time I travel, and especially when I see something particularly amazing. I get reminded of how lucky I am to be here in Europe on exchange, to have the financial means to travel, to be able to see all these with my own eyes. Then I think about my parents and how they’re sponsoring me, letting me go on all these adventures with their hard-earned money then I feel really bad about it 😦 There’s this overwhelming feeling of gratitude each time. That’s why I make it a point to get them a postcard from each country.

I’m also missing my friends a fair bit here. But I’m luckier than most in that I have Hazel nearby. Even though I’ve made quite good friends here in Rotterdam, it helps having someone you knew before exchange nearby yknw. Someone who knows your past, is experiencing what you’re experiencing now, and you can feel a sense of normalcy with. When everything else is new and unfamiliar, there’s a friend I know is still and will still be the same – a piece of Singapore, if you will. So I’m really glad she’s here with me in the Netherlands 🙂

Not that my new friends aren’t amazing though. I have so much affection for them. I feel like they treat me so kindly, and seem to accept me for who I am. I mean, it’s kinda too early to tell for sure. But they’re really quite nice to me and I”m so thankful for that. I guess I didn’t really expect or anticipate that? So this is really quite the pleasant surprise 😀

Also, I miss my clothes back in Singapore. Not that i had a lot of clothes but at least there was more variety. SIGH.

Shall update on my travelling soon, hopefully. But it’s rly vv overwhelming T.T

2 months to go

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