But we not hIPsters

Yesterday ST and Rui met up… WITHOUT ME!! D: So mean. But okay I guess I cannot do anything also what with me being here in Rotterdam sigh pie. So anyway I was reminded that I didn’t record our Ego Trio date on my blog! So here it is.

Some candid shots are the best
Some candid shots are the best

It’s been so long that I’ve kinda forgotten what we were doing exactly. THANKFULLY I HAVE EVERYTHING IN MY GOOGLE CALENDAR hehe. My memory has become so much poorer after I started relying on technology oops. But it really makes things so much more convenient. So according to Google Calendar, we met up on 9 Jan, Friday 😀

I think we were late to meet Rui (what’s new right). I was late because I met Brian for breakfast before that. That one also another one whom I haven’t seen for so long. Anyway, we met at Bugis because Rui said he has never been to Haji Lane so we were like okay since we got nothing to do anyway let’s go explore Haji Lane. Brought them to the ‘Best Ramen in the World’ (according to Corrine at least) otherwise known as Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons to the normal people. Club concuss actually went to the branch in Tanjong Pagar before which I really liked so I decided to bring ST and Rui to the Bugis branch. BUT THIS IS A WHOLE NEW WORLD. Like there are more options in the menu which confused me D: RAMEN IS RAMEN TO ME. Just gimme ramen with egg, and chashu. Seaweed optional. But when you present me with this whole ramen buffet.. I CANNOT T.T That’s why I don’t really like Ramen Champion in Bugis +. Too many options I cannot decide.

Finally settled on something that looked quite basic and… it was not bad I guess. Was happy with the free flow boiled eggs ofc. We spent some time trying to observe if the waiters there were really Japanese. And Snapchatting ofc. Okay the Snapchatting was probably just me. I remember feeling quite impressed by how perfectly peeled my hard boiled egg was. MUST SNAPCHAT!! LOL.

After lunch we ambled over to Haji Lane. Really, there’s not much at Haji Lane I think. But it’s always nice with different groups of people 🙂

wat u looking at

So much love for dearest Rui. HAHA SOZ ST. Not that I forget about you but then it’s something that doesn’t have to be said 😉

After that we wandered around Kampong Glam yay I love doing that – walking around aimlessly just browsing and exploring Singapore. We even wandered into the Malay Heritage Centre where we spent some time learning about the Malay culture in Singapore. It was q interesting but … I kinda forgot what I learnt already LOL I am terrible I admit.

Went for ice cream at Marble Slab then -end- because need to go home before rush hour HAHA. Practical concerns.

Was a lovely way to spend time w my ego trio. So glad we met Rui at orientation really our qtpie 😀 and now he’s going to receive his A level results and he’s enlisting next week already!! Time flies wow what have I been doing. Oh right, I’ve been in University heh. But wow our qt bby Rui already gna enlist. WHY HOW. Rly hope next week turns out well for you Rui, if you’re not happy or anything we’re always a LINE chat (or WhatsApp if you prefer) away ok. We’ll be YOUR ray of sunshine 🙂

But we not hIPsters

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