Celebrate SG50 with Big Bang

It was my first time spending New Year’s Eve / a countdown to the new year not at home! And for a good reason – BIG BANGGGGG.

2014 has been such an incredibly good year in terms of my pursuit of happiness in the world of Kpop – two concerts and even visiting Korea. And now I feel like I started 2015 on the right note 😀 Celebrate SG50’s was advertised as as multi-artist mega event with both local and international stars. And no prizes for guessing who I went for the countdown for!! I’m guessing that Big Bang was the draw for at least half of the people present that night. Not that I’m discounting the draw factor of Kit Chan, Stefani Sun and Dick Lee. Oh and the 8 Dukes of Mediacorp (omg hahaha).

I watched Pinocchio w Shaun before meeting PJ to go to City Hall together. Pinocchio is so good btw. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH IT. Unfortunately due to various reasons I’m only at episode 9 zz. Met PJ at City Hall and the both of us were starving because we didn’t eat much that day. So we went to Osaka Ohsho at Raffles City for dinner while waiting for mei, her friend and Melissa! So incredibly full after that. Ramen + gyoza omo. I love their gyoza tho! I think it’s one of the yummiest gyozas I’ve tried. And I don’t really like gyoza! Yippee. But a bit sick of it because they give like six. A bit too much for me.

Met up w Melissa and my sis and her friend and off we went to The Float. Follow the crowd – that’s the way when you don’t know how to get to the place hahaha. It was horrendous the queue D: We started queueing at around 8pm and only got seated at around 9pm. And since we got there so late… we found seats that were q far behind sigh D: D: Some of the seats were really quite good!! If only we were there earlier :/

Nothing to do + brought my selfie stick = result.
Nothing to do + brought my selfie stick = result.

Took our seats and sat there for AGES watching the other performers. Okay some were q interesting like the Dim Sum Dollies and the actors from the Noose. But some of them… no idea who they were omg. I should try to be more supportive of local talent. Oh but the view of the Singapore river was really pretty!! With the Artscience museum and the Helix bridge in the background. So mega pretty!!

Distinctive Singapore skyline
Distinctive Singapore skyline

Actually right, if you think about it, MBS has only been around since 2011. Which is only about 3-4 years since its existence. And already we’re all so used to it already and it’s been totally integrated (lol geddit) into the Singapore skyline. It’s hard to imagine the Marina Bay area without it don’t you think? Maybe that’s why Singaporeans are so high on the acceptance of change index. Food for thought.

As it got closer to midnight, Dick Lee and Kit Chan sang Home!! Omg it was mega cool. I felt like it was national day HAHA. It was really quite like a national day celebration masquerading as a new year’s countdown tsk. But Home was so nice! And touching. And sing along-y. I loved it!

Then we counted down.

Then there were fireworks. The fireworks were INCREDIBLE. Omg I’ve never seen fireworks so close up. I think they’re really way way more spectacular in real life. Or was it extra special because it was SG50? Either way, I’m so glad I saw this in real life rather than on TV. The fireworks just kept coming man.

20150101_000717 20150101_000713


Or so you’d think right.

LOL NO TROLL. Some other people came out to perform and UP TILL TODAY I HAVE NO IDEA WHO IT WAS. AND it was really quite a let down because quite unfortunately the person who started the first performance of 2015 … was not a great singer. Omg I feel so mean BUT IT’S TRUE. After watching the amazing fireworks, we’d expect the high generated by the fireworks to continue right. But it didn’t. It was quite amusing how everyone immediately sat down once they heard that it wasn’t Big Bang.

Performances performances




The performance was really really good AS ALWAYS. When does Big Bang ever disappoint me right!! I enjoyed it so thoroughly. Especially since they were singing the old songs like Haru Haru, Lies and Last Farewell. SO MUCH LOVE FOR THOSE THREE SONGS. It’s the Big Bang that I fell in love with I think. Such fun, fun songs.

This is how far away I was :/

I kept moving upwards to get a better view hahaha. It was q funny because I felt a bit like I was trying to elevate to higher grounds to escape from rising waters or something. BUT IT WAS SO WORTH. SO SO WORTH. I really love going for Kpop concerts ^^

Photos of Big Bang too pixelated because as you can tell, I would have had to zoom a fair bit to get a photo of them oh well.

The concert was over far far too quickly D: The worst thing was that Taeyang TOTALLY looked like he wanted to say something / perform another song BUT THE EMCEES WERE HOGGING THE MIC OMG I DIED URGH HOW CAN THEY T.T Oh and Taeyang didn’t perform Eyes, Nose, Lips. Mega disappointment but at least they performed Good Boy. I didn’t like the song at first but… as always it has grown on me. It’s so cute the dance SO CUTE.

The people I counted down with :)
The people I counted down with 🙂

Got home and then my siblings and I did something rebellious to celebrate the new year hahaha oops. But it was fun and we were safe so that’s what matters right 😉


Happy new year all! 😀

May your 2015 be awesome woohoo. 

Celebrate SG50 with Big Bang

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