Concuss @ Harry Potter

This holiday my favourite group of friends from uni have been trying to complete the Harry Potter movies while simultaneously visiting each other’s houses. It was Corrine’s idea of course. Things like that are always her idea hahaha. She insisted that Harry Potter has a very Christmas-y feel therefore we should watch it together.

So we did! Unfortunately our Harry Potter marathon was always cut short by our very conflicting schedules and inability to meet early. So we always met at around noon and had to go home at around dinner time. Which when you count… it kinda means we only can watch two movies per session D: So we didn’t get to finish it SIGH.

Nevertheless, it was lovely spending time w them! And rewatching Harry Potter ofc. I was surprised by how much I remember hahaha. I think reading fanfiction really consolidated certain parts of the storyline for me. PLUS my love for Draco Malfoy was reignited LOL. I think after the second session they were sick of my unwavering support for him no matter what he does. And my continual dissing of Ron hahaha oops.

Session 1 at Alvin's place!
Session 1 at Alvin’s place!

Check out Sam’s face hahaha sorry but rly q funny the photo v cute also I love it.

We also celebrated Agnes’ birthday + Alvin made chocolates YAY! It was a lovely day just hanging out and watching Harry Potter Draco Malfoy.

Check out the matcha chocolates Alvin made!
Check out the matcha chocolates Alvin made!

Alvin’s selling the chocolates btw so lemme know if you wna order any I’ll tell him!! Quite affordable if I’m not wrong + yummy ofc!

Woohoo matchy
Woohoo matchy

3rd session was held at my house! No photos from Corrine’s house which was session 2 sigh. Bought the pants for everyone when I was in Thailand yippee we’re so matchy!! Taking the photo was so difficult T.T For some reason the people we asked couldn’t take the photo properly zz. Plus Sam came late and Alvin had to leave early so we had no choice but to quickly snap a photo at the bus stop while waiting for Alvin’s bus boo.

These four people rly hold such an important place in my heart. Thanks for making my uni life so much more colourful and happening and enriching. I can’t imagine Uni w/o y’all. This semester was our last semester all together because Alvin and Corrine are gna graduate, I’m going to go for exchange, Sam’s gg for NOC also sigh we’re all growing up and going to different places. Really hope we stay together! D:

Concuss @ Harry Potter

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