I’m 21 w Melissa yay!

Finally blogging about my 21st birthday because like since I blogged about my previous birthdays, I definitely have to blog about my 21st right? After all it’s like only the most celebrated years. The next year that will experience such hype is like.. my 60th?? HAHAHA. I wonder what the world will be like when I’m 60. Interesting.

I toyed with the idea of having a 21st birthday party for the LONGEST time. On one hand I wanted one because like wow so fun seeing all my friends together on my birthday. But on the other hand so many reasons to NOT have one. Like I’d be way too stressed during it, I’d be worried that my friends were not having fun, I’ve too many friends who don’t belong to a big group so they would be lonely, Melissa’s birthday is on the same day, etc etc. So I decided not to have a birthday thing.

Couldn’t celebrate w Melissa on the actual day this year because she was having a BBQ with her family so we settled on celebrating earlier. I love birthday celebrations with Melissa 😀 So glad we’re still friends and celebrating our birthdays together. I think it’s our umm 3rd time celebrating together? Yippee! We went on a food fest this year HAHA. Skipped out on Max Brenner. Breaking traditions the both of us!

Went to Manbok Korean BBQ where we discovered a great new place for Korean BBQ omg the lunch was only S$15 NETT!! All-you-can-eat style buffet yums. They even had a little pot at the side where you can do a steamboat or army stew if you wish. We ofc did the army stew. It’s amazing what two girls can eat when they set their minds to it hehe. The selection of meats was quite limited tho. But still really yummy. I think the marinated chicken breast was quite good! And the bacon. Omg we spammed the bacon hahaha so good!! Love Korean bbq sigh. We ate until we couldn’t move. So it was time to move to our next stop!!

We were headed to Lady M at Marina Square. Passed by Llao Llao and it wasn’t that long a queue! So we were like OKAY let’s see what the hype is all about. So we ordered a Sanum to share and we were… disappointed. Like omg so THIS is what the hype is over?!? WHAT is this?!?! So unimpressed and disappointed at all the people who made us BUY it even tho we were still so full LOL. We just kept complaining the whole time we were eating it hahaha omg so Singaporean. It’s not that it tasted bad. I’ve gotta admit that it’s kinda yummy. It’s just that it’s not really so mindblowing to inspire such long snaking queues. /smh.

After that we walked to Marina Square and walked around for a bit because we were way too full. BUT that’s not going to deter us from our original goal!! LADY M! Woohoo crepe cake.

LOOK at those layers of crepe omg LUXURY
LOOK at those layers of crepe omg LUXURY

But yknw what was almost as good as the cake.

THE ICE WATER THEY SERVED OMG. Idk how to describe it. Idk why it was so good. Is it like expensive places even have good tasting water?? IDK. Hahahaha but really omg the ice water was so refreshing. It’s not even like we were v hot. I mean like we had Llao Llao earlier plus we were walking around in an air-conditioned mall. But the ice water was SO TASTY HAHA HOW??? WHAT SORCERY. CAN I DRINK IT EVERYDAY?!?! We got a refill ofc. Melissa even gave me some of hers HAHAHA. Thanks lady M.

At Lady M with lady M (heart)(heart)(heart)
At Lady M with lady M (heart)(heart)(heart)

Okay that’s all for this post haha. Next update shall be on the actual day’s very happening happenings.

I’m 21 w Melissa yay!

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