On Choi Jin Hyuk and Pride & Prejudice

I’ve been watching Choi Jin Hyuk’s latest drama Pride and Prejudice solely because he’s acting in it. Talk about bias hehe.  But actually, he isn’t the usual type of guys I like! Ask any of my close friends who are usually the victims (well, I don’t think they’re victims, but I suspect they might feel that way /shrug) of my excessive fangirling and they’ll most likely tell you that my type (omg I have one) tend towards those who have baby faces / are pretty boys. Andddd I don’t really think CJH fits into any of the two categories?! I mean, he’s of the same age as Song Joong Ki, and they don’t look the same age (right? right??) In short, I think he looks old la.

But handsome!! He is so very handsome I think. Plus he has this gloriously deep voice that is really nice to listen to. No idea what he’s saying of course, but his voice is v soothing. Which is odd I think because I’ve never really liked a voice before. I usually am a more visual (read: superficial) person. Okay but I guess if CJH was less handsome I probably wouldn’t like his voice as much.

Featuring baby Guk from Emergency Couple

Also I think he’s been playing really nice characters in the dramas that I’ve seen him in! I first saw him in Emergency Couple which I watched because of Song Ji Hyo. After that I saw him in Fated To Love You as the second male lead. And now in Pride and Prejudice! All his roles involve him being really nice to the girl. In Emergency Couple, most of it was him trying to win back his ex-wife when they meet again years after their very traumatic divorce. Cue very cutesy moments where he tries to get her attention. And all the glowering by the corridors because of jealousy and threatening the second male lead “You can’t like her!” omg. I love. His fate in Fated To Love You (lol) was kinda sealed man. I haven’t really seen a nasty second male lead, have you? The ‘neighbourhood oppa’ to Jang Nara’s character… sigh. Supportive, sweet, kind!! And funny. He tends to get characters with a wry sense of humour which I really appreciate. The little smirk and like I’m so pleased w myself feel hahaha. I really like that. I was worried that I wouldn’t really like him because I didn’t like Dylan in the Taiwanese version of FTLY. Thankfully the Korean version paid more attention to the two leads and I didn’t dislike his character yay.

And now Pride and Prejudice!

I was having quite a difficult time with this drama because romance isn’t at the forefront. I’m not used to watching Korean dramas that aren’t IN YOUR FACE with the romance. Here, romance takes a step back for the lawyer-y stuff since it’s supposed to be about prosecutors who fight injustice – that kinda thing.

The reason why they chose to use the same name as the Jane Austen novel BAFFLES me. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to Google for info about the show?! I have to remember that I’m searching for “Pride and Prejudice Korean Drama” -.- I get that the characters are kinda prideful and prejudiced but then really… NO OTHER NAMES THEY COULD USE?! Aside from how I wasn’t used to romance taking a backseat, if I’m not wrong this is the first prosecutor drama I’m watching! I watch Hong Kong legal / crime dramas more often because they’re so common so I’m quite used to how it works on TV. But I’m completely new to how the Korean judiciary system works in drama-land so that took some getting used to. Like, why is it that the prosecutors are investigating cases?! I thought it was up to the police?! *confused*

Also the drama was pretty dim. As in lighting-wise. I like bright, happy scenes. But this being an investigation-led drama, it tends to get a bit dark (both themes-wise and colour-on-my-screen-wise) which I don’t really like because I can hardly tell who’s who. Plus I have to read the subtitles so it gets a bit difficult to really follow what’s going on. So I get a bit annoyed and skip through scenes a bit. Then I get confused. Like when did this character appear?! Am I supposed to know who he is? Did I skip out his appearance / forget about him? So yeah, not very easy to watch.

So I was quite close to quitting the drama. Plus the female lead didn’t really appeal to me because she kept going all “I KNOW YOU KILLED MY BROTHER” on CJH’s character which was annoying because if she just USED HER HEAD it was pretty obvious that he didn’t do it -.- I only got more into the drama at roughly episode 7/ 8 where the characters suddenly seem to be tied together by their pasts in very interesting ways. Plus she finally stopped accusing him of murdering her brother -.-

They’re currently investigating a case about corruption. I realise the thing about such dramas is that they have one seemingly irrelevant case then it either blows up to be the thread of the ENTIRE drama or they have many seemingly unrelated cases which dum dum dum all point to the criminal. I can’t help wondering if this drama’s gna be taking the first route. The case that ties the main characters together seems to involve corruption in some way so there’s a chance it might happen! Yippee exciting times ahead. I finally feel like the plot is getting somewhere I’m interested in instead of them just solving random cases with no link to the larger scheme of things.

So I decided to continue with the drama. Hope it’ll be a good ending! Only 11 more episodes to go. It’s probably gna end when I go for exchange man I suspect.

On another note, two more exams to the end of finals!

[UPDATE] Actually getting kinda bored with the drama already because it’s so dark colour-wise. I personally prefer brighter-themed dramas. Might continue watching when I feel v bored tho because I quite like the side couple. Will see! [/UPDATE]

On Choi Jin Hyuk and Pride & Prejudice

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