YG Family Concert

14 Sept 2014


Where do I even beginning writing about this fantastic once-in-a-lifetime experience? I remember casually saying that I would love to go for a YG Family concert a while before they announced that they were coming to Singapore. I’ve heard so much about how YG concerts are incredible for their fee~ling and I already had a taste of it during the F1 concert when Big Bang performed last year. So when I heard that they would be coming to Singapore all together, it wasn’t even a should I go but WHEN ARE THE TICKETS COMING OUT. Hahaha.

Gna skip the whole ticket buying process and go straight to the concert because it’s been so long. Also because it’s been so long, I’m just going to blog about the concert by feel. As I always do heh.

Quite simply, the concert was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to overall. Not that I’ve had a lot to choose from (SNSD, F1, EXO only, so embarrassing haha). But I honestly enjoyed this concert so so incredibly much. It’s kinda different I guess, after all, this is a multi-artiste concert whereas I’ve mostly been to concerts held by a single idol group.

Attended this concert w my Kpop fanily (who has been quite dormant lately… all too busy with our lives sigh) and my sister because even she didn’t want to miss out on the rare opportunity. Unfortunately our seats weren’t that good sigh. I was at about the same place as I was for EXO’s concert (read: far away) but nearer to the centre. The catch was that our seats were the highest up omg CREYS. But as I later realised, being higher up meant that I could really jump around and fangirl to my heart’s content.

The bunch of us met for dinner then headed to the stadium. This time I was like OKAY GUYS I GOT THIS. After all, I was there less than a month ago for EXO hehe. So I wasn’t as confused as before! Found our seats quite quickly (+ disappointed slightly because we were so high up and right in front of one of the lights meh) and settled down. Choonz even brought her lightstick from Big Bang’s concert!! Omg we so inadequate. HOW COULD WE GO EMPTY HANDED!!!

Okay on to the concert.

TBH I think the absolute BEST thing about a concert like this is the collaboration stages. After all, we kinda get to see them performing their own songs with a way way better view from the comfort of our homes on YouTube. But the collaborations stages… FANCAMS ARE NOT ENOUGH MAN.

CL and GD covered CL’s solos – The Baddest Female and MTBD omg SO FABULOUS. The both of them are really so so incredibly cool that it’s unreal. Plus having the lyrics changed to suit GD since he’s the baddest male hahaha I LOVED IT.

Daesung and Seungyoon’s cover of 2ne1’s Ugly was one of the most hilarious pieces of the night. Partly because they changed the lyrics from “I wanna be pretty” to “I wanna be rockstar” omg PLS GUYS NO JUST NO HAHAHAHA SO HILARIOUS REALLY. Plus they were really dressed in rockstar-ish clothes – yknw, the shirt w the tongue sticking out. Quintessential rockstar t-shirt. I loved the energy of the song + the hilarity, it made for a great great time.

The performance that really took the cake was Big Bang performing 2NE1’s I Love You, complete with scarves and all. SO unexpected and awesome and fabulous AND ALL THE WORDS I CANNOT DESCRIBE IT. I miss boy idol groups covering girl groups songs so much. I remember there was a period where they kept covering girl group songs. But Big Bang is so way past that stage and into the cool stage that I really didn’t expect them to be so goofy and CUTE about it omg ILY THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BRINGING SUCH JOY AND AMUSEMENT.

I was thoroughly thoroughly entertained throughout the concert. Even during Epik High and PSY’s segments!! Not that I don’t like them. More like I don’t listen to any songs by them but after that night I immediately went to Google the songs they sang hahaha.

PSY in particular was a great performer. He was so down-to-earth and made conversation with the audience (ikr, how it is possible to make conversation in a concert w hundreds of people, but he did. You just have to take my word for it). He was so engaging and made sure that the audience were on their feet (literally, like he MADE everyone stand haha) during his performance. Plus the English subtitles for his songs were supremely helpful. I liked that his songs were meaningful and that he tried hard to engage the audience despite our language barrier and his understanding that the audience likely only knew three of his songs (honest. He said it himself). I think of all the performances, his was one I probably will remember for a long time because of how he engaged the audience. I’ve really never experienced something like that. I really felt his sincerity. Even while I doubted him saying that the Sunday audience was better than Saturday’s -.-

I think I screamed the loudest when WINNER came out. I was really proud of them, of how far they had come since their WIN days. I’m so glad they won and that they got to debut and were even performing in Singapore!! It was really like a dream come true (for me. just to clarify. hahaha). I couldn’t believe that the boys I watched practising so hard on WIN were now in front of me onstage in Singapore!! Amazing. And so so happy for and proud of them.Really hope they continue to do well and that YG will continue giving them opportunities to shine because I find them so talented. It would be a waste to send them back into the training room and focus on iKon (whom I now love as well. Sigh. The carousel will never be full). Even ST agreed!! He really liked Just Another Boy hoho.

Shouldn’t be biased and leave out the 2ne1 girls who are really omg the QUEENS. I used to like Minzy the least when they first debuted but I think now she’s really matured a lot. She’s improved so much in terms of her vocals and her confidence + dance skills are quite quite amazing. 2ne1’s another group I’ve liked since their debut with Fire (unless Lollipop is counted) and it’s really cool to see how they’ve changed since their debut. They’ve become so cool and like whoa untouchable. Yet we have Dara who’s so cute and 4D aww. I really admire CL’s confidence too. It’s hard to believe that she’s only 23 this year. Where did all that style and fierceness come from?!

And Big Bang… I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY BUT THEY IMPRESS ME EVERYTIME OMG. Especially GD hahaha. Of course. To sum it up, I have one photo:

my love!
my love!

KIDDING HAHA. Seungri wasn’t able to make it for the Singapore leg of the tour because he had his (mysterious) accident just a few days before. Q sad about it mainly because I think Big Bang was kinda affected by his absence which makes me sad. Big Bang is best as five I think. Nonetheless, their performances were great 🙂 Especially GD omg. There’s something about him that makes him so enjoyable to watch and just… omg FALL IN LOVE WITH. Like CL, there’s this untouchable aura about him when he performs, like he’s too cool for you, for me, for the WORLD. But then when he smiles, I think it could light up 100 lightbulbs. His smile is so cute omg like with a tinge of shyness. It’s like a different person from when he’s performing – GD vs Jiyong. Sigh.

Case in point:

omg pls my heart.

Anyway, from our seats… we got great views of the screen. HAHA. But the atmosphere was electrifying for the lack of a better word. I was jumping up and down for most of the concerts. Had to stop and rest for awhile. And take breaks to drink water to make sure I can still continue screaming and singing along. It was basically a huge karaoke fest for me. And releasing all my pent up fangirl-ing feels from only watching them on my laptop screen. It was a great great night.

bye bye ygfam
bye bye ygfam

Oops LQ photo because I was still using Butter then and Butter cannot handle the zoom it had to go through since we were so high up lol.

I had so much fun during the concert. And I guess that’s what concerts are about right. Having fun, watching your idols irl (and not having your heartbreak because they’re so near yet so far cf EXO).

Will def go for the next YG Family concert if they come to Singapore again 😀 Pls bring iKon and Akdong Musician w you pls pls pls.

YG Family Concert

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