10 reasons why 24 Oct is a good day

Today was a good day because
1. Got back my philo midterm and I did well
2. Saw my sorta eye candy but not really candy becos not v cute but seeing him makes me happy all the same. Even tho we don’t talk heh.
3. Was productive during the lecture that I usually don’t pay attention in. I know this sounds really bad but I like to think that at least I’m present in class right?
4. Finally finished up my section for the SSA project (because ST kindly offered to take up the rest I had to do hehe)
5. More or less ready to submit my application to my exchange university
6. Came up w a mildly interesting story during the storytelling tutorial. Plus the process was fun ^^
7. Saw the BFG friend I made in year 2 sem 1 and had a brief conversation
8. Collected my SSA essay and I did well
9. Wore my new top to school. New clothes always make me feel happy heh.
10. Had a yummy and filling lunch at Platypus!

Going for ballet now! Hope the good day lasts till the end of the day and segues into a productive weekend!

10 reasons why 24 Oct is a good day

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