YF’s wedding

Do brides always look so pretty or is it just my cousin?

Attended my cousin’s wedding dinner last Tuesday! She’s the third one to be married, three in two years!

I was really super happy for her, more so than the previous two cousins who were married last year. I think it’s because I feel closer to her and we talk more often. Plus it feels like she’s been super stressed and busy about the wedding, especially since it got pushed forward by almost three months. So I’m glad her big day has finally come and gone πŸ™‚ but I’m so going to miss her at family gatherings sigh. Part and parcel of growing up!

I really love attending weddings heh. Aside from the food (which isn’t always good), I love watching the videos made about how they met and fell in love. Hahaha it appeals greatly to the romantic in me. Like a real life fairy tale!! And perhaps an idealised notion, but the idea of the couple’s nearest and dearest coming together and wishing the couple well is really quite nice.

Plus weddings always make me feel quite wistful HAHA. wondering when it would be my turn and if I’ll be a pretty bride like my cousin and if I’ll be really happy that day.

YF’s wedding

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