EXO’s The Lost Planet

I write this post with a heavy heart. Just earlier today the news broke that Luhan filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment and sigh. Life will really never be the same (for them) again. For me also in a way I guess. I can not say that Luhan is my bias from EXO anymore ): I got a huge shock when i read the news and just like the previously time when Kris filed his lawsuit, I immediately searched for more information but really there wasn’t anything because all we know for certain is that he filed the lawsuit. It’s really quite upsetting but at the same time a part of me is quite glad that he now has a way out. I was really quite concerned about how there were so many reports about his poor health and how his fear of heights is worsened by the regular flights around 😦

So I felt that since today is the day marking the end of EXO OT11 (urgh I hate that they are 11 only. Imy Kris) as I know it, it would be quite appropriate to reminisce happier times of the concert.

Buying the tickets
I CAMPED at my computer to buy the tickets I remember. I was wiser from my experience of buying the YG FAMILY concert tickets the previous week so I tried to log in earlier. But I actually didn’t feel as anxious this time. In fact it felt easier to get the tickets for EXO as compared to YG FAMILY! I suspect it’s because I bought the tickets during the priority sales for OCBC cardholders. Thank goodness my mum has an OCBC cars heh. I bought the tickets back in early/mid July, before I went to Korea! The concert itself was on 23 Aug, Saturday. I remember I was in school on Friday when I realised they touched down in Singapore. FINALLY BREATHING THE SAME AIR AS EXO MY LOVES.

The long awaited concert day!!!
I had to go for ballet that day because I was already skipping the rehearsal to go for the concert. SMALL SACRIFICES. So after ballet, I showered and rushed down to Stadium to meet PJ. It was PJ’s first (and probably only) Kpop concert! Woohoo so proud of her! ^^ We decided to grab a quick dinner at Popeye’s since we had some time before the concert started. Went to look for Susu who was working after dinner! Susu used to work as a part-time usher at Indoor Stadium. We were rather excited to look for Susu because she was dressed in the new uniform that was in a rather ugly shade of blue. Plus PJ wanted to take revenge and take a photo of Susu working because that’s what Susu did the last time during the Juventus match that PJ was helping out at.

TO OUR UTTER SURPRISE, we didn’t even have to look for Susu!! She just appeared in front of our eyes. To be honest, I didn’t even recognise her. It was PJ who recognised her. Susu really looked quite quite different with her hair tied up. And she was super frustrated dealing with all the over-eager fans who could not ‘SELF-REGULATE’!!! Hahahah omg the “Can y’all please self-regulate” that Susu was shouting was SO hilarious. After awhile PJ and I decided to stop disturbing her (plus we already took enough photos of how she was wearing black socks with black flats) so we went away to find the East door.

Met Yin Juin, her sis, and Ruoxin on the way! Helped them buy the tickets hehe. Fellow fans must stand united together!!! The queue to go in was HORRIFIC omg. It went down the stairs and even u-turned and came back UP the stairs omg wth. I thought there wouldn’t be a queue since it was allocated seating!! It was probably the bag check slowing down everything zz. Oh well. ANYTHING FOR EXO.

I was so excited while queuing hehe. Saw the container/trailer trucks thing with EXO THE LOST PLANET plastered on it and started plotting how I could sneak myself in there. Then I think someone intelligently pointed out that there wouldn’t be much point oh well. Finally they scanned our tickets and we got in omg THE ATMOSPHERE WAS SO EXCITED. All the hopes of the fangirls crammed into the indoor stadium… I could really feel how everyone there was in love with EXO really.

We took some time finding our seats because it was a bit complex and we were seated quite high up sigh 😦 But what to do. Too much love but it doesn’t translate to enough money to buy good seats.. 😥 I remember we were quite angsty when we were looking for seats because it was almost time for the concert to start already and they were playing EXO songs and the fans kept SCREAMING SUDDENLY omg damn heart attack inducing really. But they were just screaming because a nice song came on hahaha -.- It was quite funny also because the fans were singing along but then because they were playing the Korean versions it was a lot of “SOMEONE CALL A DOCTOR lalalala … EH OH TOO MUCH YOUR LOVE dum dum OVERDOSE” hahahaha.

They opened the concert with something that quite resembled the haka which PJ and I found quite hilarious hahaha. Like they looked super not fierce. Maybe becos they’re so skinny?? Then it just looked quite like cute little boys trying to be fierce aiyooo. Tbh I’m not that huge a fan of people appropriating cultural references like that. I mean like, EXO probably doesn’t know the cultural significance of it to the Maori people and here they are using it to open a concert. But it’s EXO so I forgive everything HAHA. I never said I’m not biased ^^

I think the first few songs they performed were from their debut mini album which I haven’t really listened to. The first song they performed that I knew was Moonlight! YAY LOVELY SONG. But then they had dancers acting as flowers?!?! Which was really ?!?!?! for me and quite distracting.

PJ's photo taken during Moonlight
PJ’s photo taken during Moonlight

I was torn between joy and an aching pain in my heart. My heart was CLENCHING from how they were SO NEAR to me but so far at the same time. Omg I really couldn’t stand it. I was trying to find a way that I could somehow fly down INTO THEIR LOVING ARMS. I also felt quite touched by the knowledge that they were performing so hard FOR US! THEIR FANS!! Omg I love it. This love between idols and fans… I think it cannot be explained really. You need to experience it to know it. The desperation the fan feels for recognition by their idol. Anything would do really. A tweet, a comment, a smile, A DIRECT GLANCE FROM THE IDOL. Omg all these seem like such small insignificant things right. But if I received any one of them from any of the idols I love I think I would collapse from utter happiness. Cannot sleep for 10 weeks. LOL

I screamed my love for them that night really. EVERYTHING ALL THE FEELINGS IN MY HEART. It was the only way I can get my feelings across to them.. 😥 To thank them for the joy they have brought to my life sigh.

I especially liked it when they spoke to us. How Baekhyun (or was it Chen?) was mocking Suho for his English omg SO CUTE. Prodding him to speak in English more before Suho finally gave up and said “My limit, limit” HAHA. Oh gosh so cute. I was also really happy that Lay, Luhan and Tao had a segment where they were speaking in Chinese (as like a brief interlude before something else happened). Them speaking in a language I can understand without subtitles (kinda) made me feel infinitely closer to them. And omg when Tao pressed the ‘car key’ and D.O. came out in a bathrobe SQUEAL HAHAHA. He really looked super cute with his expression of confusion sigh.



I think I screamed just a littleeee bit louder when he did that. Just a bit. I couldn’t hear what he was singing though. The screams were OVERPOWERING. But gosh so proud of him!! And he did the Scorpion move. I will forever link that move to Infinite and Before The Dawn tho.

The other song that left a huge impression on me was My Lady. They performed it lying on the floor in front of a mirror so the effect was really really cool. I was wondering what on earth the mirrors were there for then I OOOHH DAMN SMART. I really loved it.

Video of it above with terrible sound quality. But you can see the effect right! AMAZING. GENIUS IDEA. I AM FULL OF PRAISE FOR IT. I really liked it.

I really enjoyed the brief moments of interactions and cutesy fun. Oh yes they performed Sorry Sorry, Dream Girl, Run Devil Run, Gee and Genie!!! SO CUTE. I loved the little homage to their sunbaes hehe.

All in all, I really enjoyed the concert although it was painful to watch. It’s even more painful now knowing that I will ever only see 10 members of EXO… 😥

Oh yes must include PJ’s recount:

Cause we were on the 3rd level during the exo concert she planned to absail down to the stage during a sad song using these thick wires that were hanging down from the ceiling and scream EXOOO I’M HEREEE HAHHAHAHAHA i rly don’t let you forget what you said during the concert hor HAHAHA

-.- Not true okay. SHE WAS REALLY DESPERATE ALSO HAHAHA. I have never seen her like that eh really. “KAAAIIIIII I’M HERE KAAAAIIIIII MY BABY” hahahaha omg PJ I love you hehehe.

Oh then since PJ and ST think I should I include this… Lay was talking about Singapore has a 美丽的夜景. I swear HE SAID THAT THE 夜景 IN FRONT OF HIM IS 新加坡最美丽的夜景 OKAY!!! So I just repeated after him lor.. “我!! 我是新加坡最美丽的夜景!!!“ Of course I meant a collective 我… hehehe (insert shy face).

So that’s the end of my recount of my The Lost Planet experience. Sigh. Once in a lifetime really. REALLY BECAUSE LUHAN WILL NEVER PERFORM WITH EXO AGAIN. Omg my heart aches.

EXO’s The Lost Planet

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