Year 3, Week 2

The first few weeks of school are rly q the best I think. I get to see all my friends in school again, start to settle into the routine (not monotony yet!) of school but schoolwork isn’t too hectic yet. I had quite the happening second week of school as well. The highlight of the week had to be seeing my loves EXO in real life. Oops sorry to the friends I met over the week. Not that yall are unimportant to me. ^^

My lovely lovely free day which I have been trying so hard to start with an aerobics + kickbox class. So far q successful in at least getting some exercise during the week. Doesn’t rly help that I eat like a glutton for the rest of the week tho. My appetite this few weeks has been quite vicaruous. To add to that, for some reason, I haven’t been able to have a proper lunch for a couple of days so I resorted to snacking which is terrible T.T

But anyway. Met ST for our very first study together time since 10000 years!!! We had lunch at Pizza Hut becos I was craving pizza (see what I mean about the exercise having no effect?? I am weak against food). Decided to drop by Popular to see if we needed any stationery. BAD MOVE. We walked past Golden Village and happened to glimpse the movie timings. “EH WNA WATCH MOVIE?” it all kinda went downhill from there LOL. What studying man.

So we watched Guardians of the Galaxy! Which was quite the cute movie even tho ST says it feels like it’s mainly made up of bloopers LOL. I was actually q excited about watching the movie since I went for the red carpet event (show off HAHA). Glad that the movie didn’t disappoint!!

Supposed to study w my sissy at Central Library after class but I ended up talking to Ben who’s rly being so super helpful and giving me a lot of advice and so many tips for exchange. Super thankful for helpful seniors!

(I realise that so far my week just sounds like a record of how I intended to study but failed oops)


We went to the food court in Toa Payoh HDB Hub where EVERYTHING looked so incredibly yummy omg such joy in simple fare. I felt so Singaporean LOL. Ended up buying Hokkien Prawn Mee becos ST bought it also and it was so yummy. Plus I rly couldn’t decide what to eat.

After that PJ and I decided to get rojak becos I love rojak (actually no la I only love the 油条, the rest I tolerate).

#yoursingapore #sgfood #rojak

Did my job as ex-intern by hashtagging the appropriate hashtags yay. Proud of myself LOL. #cheapthrill really.

Happy trio

It was a good night of hanging out w my best pals. I love you two / I love you too. SO PUNNY. I am of course assuming, rightly, that you love me. HAHA so secure in my position in your hearts right ^^

Finally met my long lost sexy friend Jefferson, Jiexiang and PJ for lunch in school!! Had my first YTF of the sem w them haha yay yay! Thank you so much for the gift Jefferson, I rly appreciate it! 🙂 it was quite lovely hanging out w them, talking about what we’ve been up to and gossiping and idk hahaha. Thankful for my NJ friends ♥

After they left, I hopped over to the table behind and joined my uni friends. EVERYONE IS CONVERGING IN NUS.

Partially reunited (missing the seniors + Sam sigh)

After school I had dinner w the new friends I made over the holidays! We had SO much trouble deciding what to eat omg it was terrible. Plus I was rly hungz 😦 settled for Bonchon chicken at Bugis + which turned out to be super affordable and yummy yay. Good choice. Then we had blackball for dessert and I discovered that I don’t understand the hype behind it becos it rly isn’t v yummy. So odd.

Didn’t do anything super special on Friday. But SATURDAY IS EXO DAY. Which deserves a post all for itself ^^

Year 3, Week 2

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