Internship reflection (Part II): Exciting events and my last week

Here’s part two of my reflection! A bulk of it is on my last day/week at work tho.


Exciting events I got to attend

Because I was also tasked to help out with the social media side of things, I got to attend some pretty cool events with the social media guy in my team 😀

YTFF Press meet and greet 

On the first Friday of my internship my colleague asked me to attend the YouTube FanFest press meet and greet with him. Basically like a press conference of sorts? I was SO psyched omg. WAS MY STB INTERNSHIP GOING TO BE SO FULL OF GLITZY STUFF? Hahaha of course not omg. But attending such events was rly one of the highlights of my internship. Such a bonus that this happened in my first week.

My first ever media pass and press kit!
My first ever media pass and press kit!

I realised that attending events like that is not all fun and games and you’re not supposed to be just a spectator really. You really have to keep your eyes and ears open for any interesting tidbits to share on social media. Your hands are also kept busy trying to take a good photo of the event. Also, being from STB, you’re not exactly supposed to be just covering the event. There has to be a link to Singapore in some way or another. It was such an eye opening experience for me!

Here's the set up of the YTFF press meet and greet!
Here’s the set up of the YTFF press meet and greet!

After everyone had a vv brief introduction and took two questions from the press, it was free and easy time omg. TIME TO TAKE ALL THE PHOTOS WITH THE YOUTUBE CELEBS!! I was so excited to see Xiaxue haha I really quite admire the way she writes and how outspoken she is. Even though I don’t always agree with what or how she says/does things, I really admire how she writes and is so persuasive about her views.

Selca with xiaxue!
Selca with xiaxue!

Also, it was only during the event that I found out about Troye Sivan omg he is SO REALLY REALLY ADORABLE IN REAL LIFE. Fangirl mode ON.

Happy fangirl x1000
Happy fangirl x1000

Obviously I went to check him out on YouTube when I got home hahaha. Don’t rly like the way he sings thaaat much but as a person (or at least his public persona) gosh he is so endearing and adorable. Noona fan here. SIGH.

Took this for Corrine!
Took this for Corrine!

Also shamelessly asked Tosh Zhang for a photo. I watched a few of his vlogs on YouTube before and I quite like the way he speaks actually. Quite different from the roles he takes up in local movies hmm.

Went home feeling quite starstruck and was showing off to my friends hahaha sorry for being so overbearingly obnoxious guys. i was just really excited about the whole thing.

Singapore Food Festival preview

We finally get here yay! FOOOOOD. I left the Haw Par Villa (or HPV as STB calls it) site visit early during the induction programme to rush down to Sentosa for this! Coincidentally it was during the Arts Camp beach day haha so I saw a couple of FASS people around. I wasn’t quite dressed properly for the beach tho so I was stuck with sand in my flats 😦 I also really wished I brought my camera sigh the food was GOOD.

Uncommon Chinese dialect foods: Riskshaw noodles and Paper-wrapped chicken
Food from the Nyonya mobile! The satay was so good with the chunky bits of chicken yums.
Food from the Nyonya mobile! The satay was so good with the chunky bits of chicken yums.

The atmosphere of the whole event was also quite nice. It wasn’t too crowded, setting sun in the background and yummy food all in a 1 minute radius from each other wheeee. The only downside was the quite unbearable heat and the lack of space to put my stuff down 😦

Lovely view of the sun setting as we enjoyed our food
Lovely view of the sun setting as we enjoyed our food

After that we were invited to catch the Wings of Time – Sentosa’s new attraction which replaced Songs of the Sea. I remember thinking that Songs of the Sea looked quite lame and kiddy but apparently not. Wings of Time was quite spectacular, didn’t quite know what to expect initially. I wasn’t expecting a lot tbh. But I was surprised by the technology involved and how lights, water and sound could combine to create a story with what was initially just oddly shaped panels on silts in water.

Butter's cam couldn't adequately capture how pretty it was
Butter’s cam couldn’t adequately capture how pretty it was

I have to admit that the story is a bit lame and cheesy with an obvious moralistic line in it. But c’mon, we don’t really watch this sort of things for a gripping plot right! It was quite the spectacle.

Guardians of the Galaxy red carpet event

The last event I added as an intern! The red carpet event honestly wasn’t thaaat fun. Maybe it’s because I’m not into the whole Marvel film franchise? Or because I don’t exactly know the actor and actress who came down. I did get slightly swept away by the excitement of course.

Zoe Saldana looked rly rly pretty irl wow
James Gunn the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy
James Gunn the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy
I was this close to Dave Bautista!
I was this close to Dave Bautista!

So the lesson I learnt from this event was that not all events I go to will be super fun for me because probably a number will involve fandoms I’m completely not part of or understand. Even then, I can’t just switch off because the social media account that I’m managing isn’t my personal account. The fandom still matters to a lot of other people so I still have to at least try to find a bit of excitement in me for it.

I remember I fell ill after this event sigh. The week after that was quite torturous. I had a stomach bug / diarrhea. Then I think I am allergic to the medication so I broke out in unbearably itchy hives that lasted for more than three days. SO TERRIBLE T.T I was itching like crazy.

Last week of work

My last week of work really passed in a blur of deadlines and frenzy of emails. I cannot really remember what happened actually. But I remember sleeping at 3am from like Wednesday onwards. Slept at 3am on Wednesday night because I was stressing about my modules. So I decided to take a break from CORS and did up the feedback form that I needed to send out to stakeholders the next day. Slept at 3am on Thursday night because I was preparing farewell gifts for my colleagues. Slept at 3am on Friday night because I was celebrating the end of my internship by using the computer and finishing up what I didn’t manage to complete at work to send to my colleague HAHA.

I was quite upset that I couldn’t manage to finish sending out all the emails that I was supposed to send out because of several delays. I had to clarify a lot of things and wait for people to get back to me so there was a fair bit of delay. I managed to send out most of the confusing batches but didn’t get to the end of the list. Felt quite bad that I had to handover the work to another colleague to do 😦

On my second last lunch with the interns, we went to Nassim HIll YAY YAY DIDN’T EAT PORRIDGE!! It was one of the yummiest lunches ever I think. Nassim Hill is always good. Too bad the one for one deal is no more I think sigh. It was a really nice lunch. The food was good, the company was great and it was just lots and lots of fun. Lunches with the interns is something I really miss a fair bit now 😦

Last interns-only lunch at Nassim Hill
Last interns-only lunch at Nassim Hill

On my last day, some of us interns had lunch with the director of the HR department and another person from the HR department who used to handle the internship and the Management Associate programme (something STB has for fresh grads). It was rather nice of them to bother to treat us to lunch. ALL THOSE HORROR STORIES OF INTERNS BEING TREATED BADLY. It’s quite untrue at least in STB guys. So if you are thinking of interning somewhere next summer, STB might be quite a good choice.

First wave of interns who left/ are leaving STB (minus xiner and xihui) !
First wave of interns who left/ are leaving STB (minus xiner and xihui) !

The lunch overran till 3pm OMG. I was so panicky by the time I got back because I had SO MUCH TO DO before 6pm. I barely noticed time passing in those three hours. I remember feeling so stressed that I was quite on the verge of tears because I really wanted to complete everything but it was so impossible. Plus I also had to get the clearance done since it was my last day. Thinking about it makes me feel so kan chiong already wow.

Oh yes Gab Teh baked butter cake because it was my last day and because I kept whining about it the day before omg. Touched ttm really that he bothered. The sad thing was… I didn’t even have much time to enjoy it because I was in such a hurry the whole afternoon SIGH. At least I took a slice and yay it was rly rather rather yummy.

At around 6pm my colleague was like it’s okay just handover whatever you cannot finish. Was so so reluctant. LIKE NOOO PLEASE JUST LET ME FINISH THIS. T.T But I had to handover because I really couldn’t finish sigh.

My colleagues were SO nice omg they gave me an instax mini 8 (which I’ve been secretly wanting to get) and a really really nice card. I was so touched and happy to know that they’ve enjoyed having me around (or at least thats what they wrote HAHA) as much as I’ve enjoyed being there :’)

Didn’t manage to take photos with everyone because I was in such a confused state of mind with so much going on 😦 But here are some that I managed to take!

Sarah and Sihan who have been so nice to me throughout my internship
Sarah and Sihan who have been so nice to me throughout my internship
Fang, me and Crystal (my mentor)!
Fang, me and Crystal (my mentor)!

Had to rush through my clearance process after that. It was so so terrible omg so many forms to fill up, so many signatures to get I was so confused and lost and urgh it was just really bad. Thankfully Gab stayed back also – just occurred to me that w/o him I wouldn’t have been able to submit all the forms and move around the building because I didn’t have my temporary pass with me anymore T.T

Quick snap of my workstation :'(
Quick snap of my workstation 😥

So when I finally finally settled everything it was time to go! Then I suddenly realised that I forgot to give the director of my department the gift I prepared!! 😥 So I decided to go back down to the 7th floor to drop it off at his desk. DUM DUM DUMMMM NOT A VERY GOOD IDEA.

On the island where Gab and I sit are are four other colleagues – two guys and two girls. They usually leave quite early but that day one of the guys (let’s just call him M to protect his identity plus I don’t want to have his name here to soil my diary oops) was still there when it was already almost 8pm!! Quite unfortunately our timing matched his, so after I dropped off my gift, he was also just done with his work. SO BO PIAN RIGHT MUST WALK TO THE BUS STOP WITH HIM.

Zzzz. I must clarify that why I never actually had anything against him, I always felt slightlyyy uncomfortable with him because I felt that he was a bit weird. It’s just the vibe he gave me. Plus he’s a bit tooo chatty for comfort (omg is that what some people think of me?!) so idk, I just never really liked to be trapped in conversation with him. Plus, just that day we found out (through the other colleagues) that at his previous company’s dinner and dance, he actually cross-dressed. Which is okay, I mean I think it’s pretty sporting of him? The odd thing however, was how darn proud of it he was!! Like he showed the photos of his cross dressing day AND the video. Plus he kept saying that oh people couldn’t even tell the difference between him and a real girl. I’M LIKE UMM is that rly something to be proud of?! Okay quite judgey of me but really WEIRD VIBE LEVEL 1000 OKAY.

So imagine my discomfort when I realised that I’d have to be trapped in conversation with him for the ENTIRE way to the bus stop. I was actually quite looking forward to walking to the bus stop w Gab because it’s like habit since we usually leave office together and idk, I just wanted a nice last memory of leaving the office. BUT THENNNNN intruder M came along and just dominated the conversation. I was rly rather sian about it and kept giving my usual 敷衍 answers. What made things worse was that when we FINALLY got to the bus stop, he didn’t seem to have a bus to take?! Seriously. Because he usually walks to the MRT but decided to accompany us to the bus stop (no really he didn’t have to. Like rly. Didn’t have to.) So logically he could have taken any bus that goes to the MRT. And several buses came and went and in my head I was like ?!?!?!? what’s this guy’s problem. Also I wanted to get dinner but didn’t want to eat alone so I wanted to ask Gab if he could accompany lonely me. But I knew, knew for certain, as certain as it Singapore is sunny that HE WOULD VOLUNTEER TO ACCOMPANY ME FOR DINNER ALSO OMG. NO PLEASE NOOOOOO.

So I decided to text Gab to ask if he could have dinz with me. AND YAY DINNER BUDDY. Luckily Gab had enough sense to realise I was avoiding Intruder M already. Omg imagine if he went like “whoa why you text me” aloud. I WOULD HAVE DIED. Rly. Just walk onto the street into the path of an incoming car man. IT WAS SUCH TORTURE.

So we finally boarded the bus that would take us to the MRT (oh guess who followed along omg rly now.) Alighted at Orchard MRT and I casually asked intruder M where he was headed. AND HE CASUALLY REPLIED “Wherever you’re going lor” OMG


That’s when I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (oh did I mention that he FORCED me to watch the video of his 5 seconds of fame as a cross dresser during the D&D). So at the zebra crossing near the bus stop, literally the FIRST exit I saw immediately after he said that, I said “okay I’m going here bye”


Felt quite bad for deserting Gab but I think he handles that sort of thing way better than me. Anyway he made his escape pretty soon so we met up and went for dinner yay. Got to know Gab better and now I’m happy to count him among my friends 😀


Overall, if you cannot already tell, I really really enjoyed my internship. Be it the people, the work I got to do and the skills I learnt. Sure there were periods of time when I didn’t have anything to do (generally that time was put to good use doing NM stuff oops) but there were really busy periods of time too. I’m quite sad that I’m unable to stay till the end of the project I was helping out in, but at least I’ll be able to see a bit of what I did when the website is launched – so I’m quite excited about it.

And I really learnt A LOT throughout this internship. But when you ask me to articulate exactly what I’ve learnt… I can’t :/ I think a lot of what i learnt was through observing? And sitting in meetings and generally keeping my eyes and ears open. I think a really important takeaway I got from this was no matter how stupid or insignificant you think the thing you’re doing is, in the end it will play a role in the bigger picture.

I’ve been so so happy during my internship, I doubt any other internship experience will be able to match up. And really, I think at least 40% of my happiness stems from the lovely group of interns I met. The other huge part is because of my awesome awesome team who are so nice, friendly, accepting and understanding of me and the mistakes I made. They gave me so many opportunities to learn and really treated me like one of their team which I so appreciate instead of just a minion there for them to use. I’ll miss being called Peaches by them hahaha.

Okay that’s the end of my reflection on my internship 😀 Hope it was at least an interesting read if you manage to get through it all ^^

Internship reflection (Part II): Exciting events and my last week

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