When the writing is so beautiful

I just read some posts in Jefferson’s blog and I’m so moved by his writing. I always knew he has a great command of the English language but I think as our interactions became shallower as we drifted apart during JC and after, I sort of forgot that. Then I saw a link to his WordPress on Facebook a few days ago and curious Pui San decided to click on it.

Just read some of his posts and I’m so blown away. He really really writes beautifully. I can’t exactly put it. It’s so personal and heart-wrenching some of his posts. It makes me reflect a bit and I feel slightly guilty for being a bad friend for not being able to help him through his difficult phase. It reminds me of the times I carelessly commented on his weight loss, forgetting that it must have been such a painful period of time for him. And I’m so impressed by him for pulling through all that and becoming a stronger person (I think). I feel so lucky that he counts me among one of his friends 🙂 And I feel like I’ve so so much to learn from him.

Okay that’s the end of my gushing post about Jefferson heh.

When the writing is so beautiful

One thought on “When the writing is so beautiful

  1. Oh my god, I just saw this! :’) :’) I am beyond honoured to have a post written about me! I don’t know what else to say other than that I’m blushing like a schoolboy. It’s sad, though inherent, that we drifted apart after JC. Thankfully we have FASS to reconnect! Can’t wait to be seeing you around in school! 😉

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