Playnation is not my nation :(

11 May 2014

Omg this one from even longer ago LOL. But nvm la hor better late than never. Anyway this blog functions more like a diary for myself (and my small circle of friends) so I guess as long as I blog about it… at least it’s been recorded heh.

Ming Ming was on exchange from like the end of last year till early May! So once she was back our little OTL group made a date to hang out that Sunday. It’s OTL because if you use your imagination a little, OTL is actually a stick figure that’s kneeling down on all fours. It’s the omg I cannot anymore /dies feeling HAHA. We kinda started the group on LINE (when I first started using it extensively!) the previous semester (year 2 sem 1 for me!) and got closer through our daily complaints to each other HAHA. It’s q nice becos like no matter how upset I am right… Ming will always be more dramatic. And manda is always the nice and calming one, slightly in her own world tho. I fit somewhat in the middle I would think haha. But yes OTL group finally met up on 11 May when Ming was back yay! 😀

We met at 313 and decided to have Sushi Express for lunch because Ming just came back from Toronto and didn’t really wna have Western food anymore. So I suggested Sushi Express I think because I heard that it’s rather affordable. SIGH CLEARLY THERE ARE ALWAYS TRADE OFFS LA. Because the sushi was… quite average and unimpressive and I guess I didn’t really enjoy my meal. It also wasn’t like mega mega cheap but okay I guess. Probably not going to go back there again boo. Disappointed!

After that we went to Playnation yay! I was rather excited because it was my first time there. I’ve always wanted to go there becos they sponsor camps so often HAHA. High visibility. But I never had the time to go I guess. And yknw what. I think I’m gna stick to board/ card games. Or maybe I just generally suck at games la zzz. Cooking Mama also cannot, Wii Sports also CMI, Raving Rabbits had me almost going mad with frustration. Maybe I didn’t know how to control the thing well idk. BUT SIGH I sucked at it la. Was feeling rather sian because I kept losing. HAHAHA okay I know it sounds like super no sportsmanship. But who doesn’t like to win right!! Especially when it’s just Wii hahaha. Oh but I think I was not that cui at a Mariokart look-alike. I think it was like Sonic the Hedgehog or something. I remember I used to have a Sonic book when I was a kid. Random fact haha but that’s what I always think of when I see Sonic. Anw still prefer playing Mariokart at the arcade because I win before. THREE CHEERS FOR MARIOKART. HAHA.


Had to leave for Mother’s day dinner after that. Oddly though, I honestly cannot recall for the life of OHH I SAVED IT IN GOOGLE CALENDAR. My family went to Sheng Ji (opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre. They sell like roasted meats and other types of Chinese food. So glad my dad called to make a reservation because there was quite a queue and angry hungry people. BUT WE JUST WALTZED IN LIKE A BOSS HAHA YAY.

The food was not bad I think, like typical tze-char kinda food? But with char siew and stuff like that. Quite yummy but better to make reservations if you’re going at night because if not you’ll be one of the hungry angry people in the queue glaring at my family as we waltz in in a carefree manner woohoo.

Playnation is not my nation :(

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