First Swee Choon experience w C-weed!

23 May 2014

Amazing how time flies right omg this happened in the first week of my internship!! And I’m like 3 weeks from ending my internship already wow. I don’t remember how the C-weed outing came about actually because it’s been so long ago already HAHA oops. But yeah the point is that we met up!! Wow. I think C-weed hasn’t had an outing since like forever. Maybe the freshies go out idk, but okay tbh not so close to them LOL. Just recently started to talk more to them because of the camp.

ANYWAY YAY WE WENT TO SWEE CHOON!!! So happy leh now I can truly say I’m a uni student. Seems like such a uni student thing to do lor, go to Swee Choon to have supper LOL. But I wonder why they go there though… it’s not like it’s super accessible by train or bus?! Probably for the food teehee. THE FOOD WAS YUMS!

We ordered a bunch of dimsum hahaha. Had liu sha bao omg SO FABULOUS the golden slightly salted filling in the bao WOW. Plus it’s challenging to eat to not waste a single drop LOL. I didn’t really enjoy the xiao long bao that much. Will pass on that to save tummy space for other things. What else was good hmm. I liked the Century Egg Porridge! But then again I usually like it la and it wasn’t like super duper mindblowingly special. OH AND THE PRAWN AND BANANA FRITTER ALSO GOOD. Taking my daily dose of fruits leh teehee. Egg tarts were not too bad also!

BUT THE FREAKING AMAZING DISH THAT SURPRISED ME WAS… MEE SUA KUEH OMG. Have you even heard of it. They freaking DEEP FRY the mee sua. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT YOU CAN DEEP FRY MEE SUA RIGHT. Then it comes in this amazing unassuming pancake looking thing. WA. So impressed hahaha. Oh I also liked the char siew sou. Yums 😀 😀

So as you can tell I was v happy w my meal hahaha. But we got a bit overexcited during the meal then ordered too much so Agnes had to pack some food back. BUT IT WAS GOOD. Hope I get to go back again sometime soon. Oh yeah surprisingly the place wasn’t as packed as I imagined. I think in my head I was imagining it to be like some place in Hong Kong w super packed tables and little space to move. It was sortaaa like that but definitely not to the extent of the Australian Dairy Company in Hong Kong. That one is like the highest level man hahaha.

After that we walked to City Square and had Swensens woohoo. Finally we spent the voucher that C-weed won at CNM camp last year. It’s been almost exactly a year already wow! Means I’ve known my fave bunch of uni friends for two years already aww 😀 😀

Took a photos and that concluded our night out! It was of course, really love to see my NM buddies again plus it was a nice way to end my first week at work with familiarity and laughter w them. We really should hang out more often 😦



One more photo together because we realised we were all in white! :)
One more photo together because we realised we were all in white! 🙂
First Swee Choon experience w C-weed!

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