An unexpectedly busy Sunday

Today was supposed to be my free-ish kinda day! But it turned out quiteee not free haha but it’s okay I guess, it was a happy day today 😀

Started off my day waking up at a rather terrible hour of 8plus on a SUNDAY MORNING. NOOOOOO T.T It’s only an hour later than my usual weekdays sigh. But I think body alarm clock + was woken up by my sister who was getting ready to go out. It’s okay though, I nua-ed a bit then hopped outta ready to face the day AKA I sat in front of my Saffy in my PJs hahaha. IT’S A WEEKEND MAN cut me some slack. But then I got a text from my mum asking me to pick her up from the market so off I went to the market and back.

By then it was around 9? I was supposed to meet Isaac for breakfast to catch up and just chill ~ because we haven’t hung out for v long. Our initial meeting time was 9.47am! But then it got slightly pushed back because he was held up. And my mum said she would give me a lift to J8! So I wasn’t too worried about being late. PLUS the fact that I’m meeting Isaac at J8 meant that I didn’t have to worry about what I was wearing overmuch. Then at around 9.40am my mum popped her head outta her room door and said she just finished showering so she wouldn’t be able to give me a lift to J8 and she said… “Take the car” OMG I COULDNT BELIEVE MY GOOD LUCK. So that makes Isaac the first friend I drove to meet. Lucky him ^^ I was still late tho because I decided to 1. Not make an illegal turn and went a huge round in the car park to the available car lots and 2. Decided to park between two cars becos I wanted to walk a little less so I had to adjust my car multiple times -.-

Met the starving Isaac at Yakun and bought our kaya toast and shared kaya balls. Note to self: Don’t order it. It tastes a bit odd… probably becos the texture was so unexpected. I expected something more toast-like? But it was more like a pancake in the shape of a ball w kaya inside. A bit odd but we still ate it. Was super full after the meal! So we walked around a bit then decided to just nua at Mos burger w a drink. Sat there and we talked for like almost 2 hours or more I think. But it was so nice to talk to Isaac really. He doesn’t rly try to give advice so much like some of the friends I have who tries to give me advice w everything I say even tho I wasn’t seeking advice. Which is kinda nice but might get kinda annoying if it’s too often.

We talked about so many things and such varied topics. Caught up on each other’s lives, discussed various issues etc etc. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s rly easy to talk to Isaac. Sometimes when we meet, it’s me rambling on amd him giving encouraging answers. Other times we both contribute equally to the conversation. But it’s always comfortable to talk to him. Plus I think it helps that we’re both q honest w each other and I guess we know that we can trust each other w secrets. So yup q nice.

I had to go home at around 1pm so we parted ways at around that time. Went home and changed and immediately went to the function rooms at my house’s clubhouse because it’s my neighbour’s baby’s first month celebration woohoo. Big party they had. Kinda got me thinking about my own 21st party and if I should have one. So tempted to have it but then it’s so troublesome also 😦 what to do?? Should I have one?

Anyway the function started off q as per usual. Normally when my family and I come down for such events when my neighbour invites us, we will say hi, grab some food and keep to ourselves. But this time their first son came over to chat w us (FYI there are four kids, the first month celebration was for the first daughter’s daughter… confusing??) But anyway yeah we hardly have prolonged conversations w the first son (or with any of them actually) haha so it was kinda nice. He’s 22 years old so it was q easy to talk to him, no generation gap LOL. Then halfway through our conversation, his 12 year old sister came to ask if we wanted to play Uno with her and a friend. So in the spirit of good neighbourliness, I agreed.

And we played Uno for over 2h omg. I HAVE NEVER PLAYED UNO FOR SO LONG REALLY. Was honestly q bored by the time it was the last game becos the two younger kids kept running around spitting egg at each other -.- I just wanted to finish the game and go home!!! 😥 but it was q rude to leave midway through the game. Was so happy when someone finally said Uno Game. FAV WORDS OF THE DAY.

Went home and checked up on when we could catch Maleficient at Junction 8. I’ve been wanting to watch it for so long!! I’ve heard mixed reviews about it tho. Like ST and Ming Ming thought it was good but Hazel was disappointed and Ming’s friends didn’t enjoy it. So I decided that I should watch it to make my own decision.

Had dinner w mei and mum at Aijsen. Their ramen’s perfect if you’re craving something salty rly. And I love love love their hoji cha. HOW IS IT SO NICE??!!!

Shopped around J8 for about 15 mins then we went up to the theatre to watch the movie. Long story short: I liked it! Even tho there were gaping holes in the plot to me and some parts didn’t rly make complete sense and I’d have preferred if they expanded on some parts more, overall I quite enjoyed the movie. [SPOILER] They totally pulled a Frozen on us tho SIGH. Was hoping they wouldn’t be predictable like that but yup. Doesn’t matter tho. Happy ending so I’m okay!

Drove home and phew end of my long and tiring day ^^

An unexpectedly busy Sunday

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