Happy Crab at Pahang St

Okay I HAVE to blog about this amazing crab place that my colleagues brought me to for dinner on last Tuesday (3 June). The story about how I joined them was kindaaa interesting I guess. Sometime between my first and second week of work, I received an email from a colleague (that was also sent to many others) saying that they were having dinner at Happy Crab and invited me to join them. Many thoughts ran through my mind when I got the invite:

  • Omg but a bit awkz right, like now we eat lunch also hardly talk
  • But the more we get together together together…
  • More awkward times now = less awkward times later
  • Plus it’d be quite rude to decline?

Hahaha as you can tell, I’ve many complex thoughts behind whether or not to accept it. Ultimately I decided to go for it because I thought it’d be good for myself to go for more company things like that and make an effort to be more chummy chummy w my colleagues. Or at least… show that I’m making an effort haha.

But then on Tuesday morning (the day of dinner) when I was talking to another colleague about it… I got a shock when she said oh prepare at least $30 OMG I RLY SHOCK LEH. Didn’t expect it to be so ex. My mind started to run in overdrive – how how how can I escape it I don’t have so much money. But she already called to reserve the crabs how can I cancel on her aahhhhh. Obviously in the end I chickened out of backing out (lol) and ended up going because I couldn’t have it on my conscience.

They drove us to the place and it was just like… a coffee shop w two stalls it seemed – the crab stall and the drinks stall LOL. The colleague who intro-ed us the place ordered the food and VIOLA CAME THE CRABS. I didn’t take any photos because I was too paiseh to take but here’s a photo I found from openrice:


I’ve never had a whole crab to myself before. Like ever. In my whole life. So it was quite the exciting prospect to finish it all on my own. PLUS IT WAS SO YUMMY – NOT A PROBLEM MAN HAHA. It was really vv tasty and the sauce was tangy and rly yummy also aiya just the whole thing was good sigh.

Oh of course Pui San here was the quiet little intern sitting at the table concentrating on her food. I really tried to participate in the conversations going on – I would have contributed if I could T.T but they were talking about stuff I have little to no interest in (they were discussing movies sigh) so it was rather difficult to contribute.

But the food was yummy so all was fine.

Anyway if yall wna check it out (and yall have spare cash on hand lol prob not), the place was: 13 Pahang Street Singapore 198613. Oh they even have a website haha so helpful. Yay so yummy. Go there to treat yourself or something – rly I mean how often can you eat the whole crab right. Oh yes I must also point out that inside the crab was crab roe. Like lots and lots of it. Also the stallkeepers were really friendly and nice and chatty! Apparently the crabs they use are gay. Just some trivia for you to end this post. 😀

Oh and P.S. I was rly fortunate becos in the end my reporting officer decided to treat me to the dinner phew. Lucky me, super thankful to my boss also whee 🙂


Happy Crab at Pahang St

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