Happy 60th, Daddy!

This year’s a special year for my dad (at least to my family) because it’s my dad’s 60th birthday!! Like so old right wow. That means my dad and my age (generation) gap is 39 years OMG I never realised. That’s really a rather large age gap right?? Anw my mum wanted to do something special for my dad since it’s a milestone age and all. And since my dad is such a social butterfly (really, he has A LOT of friends so popz my pops hahaha geddit. Not that I call him pops la), we thought it’d be kinda nice if we invited his friends and had a party woohoo. But he vetoed the idea, saying he rather have a dinner w the extended family (aww) so my mum organised that.

Then the next thing was the birthday present. We generally don’t buy my dad a bday present becos he’s not into this kinda thing. To him a birthday is nothing v important so in line with that we don’t get him a gift either LOL. But honestly.. we dk what to get for him also? But one night when he was w my cousins at a wake, my cousin introduced him to xiaomi -.- THANKS MAN. Haha my first reaction was omg noooo. Becos to buy it, I’ve to camp online and wait for them to release it then frantically click buy. Don’t like to do that kinda thing zz. But being a good daughter, I decided to try my luck.

The sales were at two hour intervals – 10am, 12noon, 2pm etc. My class started at 12noon so I decided to try for the 10am one. Tried to log in at about 9.50 and guess what. I COULDNT EVEN LOG IN OMG. Heavy traffic on the site zzzzz. So I was q disappointed already becos like I thought I prob wouldn’t be able to get it in school. Nevertheless, I decided to continue trying. SOMEHOW ON THAT DAY I got to school early for my 12noon lesson. Come to think of it, it is quite miraculous. This time I learnt from my previous experience and was signed in at like 11.45am.

Spent the first few minutes of my lesson frantically clicking BUY BUY BUY. Hahaha and GUESS WHO GOT IT WOOHOOOOO OMG I felt so incredibly VICTORIOUS. WHAT A HEADY RUSH OF TRIUMPH. I wanted to do it again man. SO ADDICTIVE HAHAHA.

Was so happy that I got it!! Then I devised a plan hahaha. Decided to lie to my dad that I didn’t get it. Chances are that he’d believe me because I already told him not to be too hopeful about me getting it. Plus I was having lessons so prob cannot buy right. Initially we didn’t plan to get that as a gift for my dad but since I got it, I immediately realised that OMG perf gift for my dad. Just had to wait and keep it a secret until his birthday teehee devious 😀 Told practically everyone that I managed to get it becos yes I was THAT excited haha yknw how I get when I get excited about something oops.

Colluded with my cousin to make the impact of the birthday present better! He managed to get the phone for my grandaunt and his sisters so he liaised w my grandaunt who kept going on and on about how she got the phone but my dad didn’t LOL. All to make him feel even more sian about it.

Days passed and finally it was my dad’s birthday! We went to some restaurant in idk some ulu part of the world. But the food was not bad. Omg I remember they had these AMAZING salted egg yolk prawns. SO FREAKING YUMMY I LOVED IT. Anw the dinner was like normal family dinners la haha nothing super special. THE ONLY EXCITING PART OF COURSE was when we gave him his birthday present. Omg his reaction was HILARIOUS. He was so so happy, partly because I think he was so disappointed at not getting the phone. He kept saying rly louding ‘I have Xiaomi!!!!’ HAHAHA so cute!! I felt so warm and fuzzy inside that I managed to make my dad so happy yay :D:D:D

Took a family photo which was rather nice imo and then yay went home. It was one of my most successful surprises ever man. So satisfying the look on my dad’s face when he opened the present! ^^ Oh but like less than 5 mins of giving it to him… I STARTED TO REGRET LOL. Becos guess who’s the one who has to configure everything to RESEMBLE his prev phone T.T

Nice family photo ^^
Happy 60th, Daddy!

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