To blog about:

I have an incredibly huge backlog of things to blog about, I can hardly keep track. So here’s a little list of what I should blog about. But whether I do is a separate issue oops.

  1. Dad’s 60th birthday celebration (Back in April omg)
  2. Epic finals chionging this semester
  3. Sleepover at Agnes’ house w my dearest uni friends
  4. Playnation w Ming and Manda
  5. Jiayi’s birthday party and the question of what is retro
  6. FASS Open House – Not gna blog about this because it’s pretty self explanatory and boring to read about
  7. Dinner w C-weed at Swee Choon
  8. Buying ST’s present with PJ and Jianyi
  9. ST’s birthday bash
  10. Happy Crab w colleagues
  11. Celebrating ST and PJ’s bday
  12. Hazel’s dance competition 
  13. Jazzttitude Camp – Not gna blog about this because lazy
  14. Dinner w 08 (Nam Nam + Cold Stone!!)



To blog about:

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