Friday was ST & PJ’s bday and susu and I were lucky enough to be the chosen two to spend their birthdays w them ^^ out of their gazillion friends they chose to celebrate their birthdays w us leh! I rly felt q touched / lucky becos of that haha. I guess it might be not much to them… but to me it kinda signifies that we’re important enough to them? 😀

We were supposed to meet at 6.45pm at Novena but I finished work at 6.45pm… T.T Thursday and Friday were both q bad becos I had deadlines to meet and my colleague wasn’t free to go through the work I did until q late. So I had to wait for her. I was rly so tempted to run away and just leave her a note but then I didn’t want her to have a bad impression of me hahaha. I still had like 6 weeks of internship to go oops. So I waited for her. Luckily most of what I did was okay and I only needed her to clarify some questions I had and make minor edits before sending it off to the agency.

Rushed to Novena after that! Went to Cedele to buy cakes for the birthday two – red velvet amd a chocolate cake because ST loves whatever chocolate but PJ doesn’t like foods that are too sweet. I thought they were nua-ing at the Burger King at Novena Square but oops I misread the message and they were actually at the BK next to United Square. So off I sped walked to that BK. It feels soooo far away really T.T

Met up w susu and the birthday two then we had a mini celebration w cake and presents yayyy. Really mini celebration because only two slices of cake and no candle LOL. But they pretended very well, such good sports they are!! Then we bought cheese fries and a root beer float because I was starving.

Oh I forgot to mention. We were supposed to have Korean BBQ for dinner but they went there and the staff there said to go back at 8.30pm omg. Almost like a two hour wait?! So they adjourned to BK to wait it out. But that meant that our Korean bbq not so 划算 anymore because we weren’t super hungry 😦

Oh yes I must mention that PJ loved her presents (I think) YAY ^^ rly glad yhat she liked her presents becos I like them also HAHA. And the earrings rly vv pretty imo hoho. Good job ST and jianyi for buying it!! Must have been so difficult for the two of them, walking into Pandora clueless and relying on instructions via WhatsApp hahaha. Awesome stuff.

Sauntered over to the Korean BBQ place at around 8.30pm for our real dinner. Unfortunately by then I wasn’t v hungry after the cake and fries and float SIGHHH so wasted. So we ate a bit but omg in my memory of it… just rly not worth lor. WE NEED TO GO BACK AND EAT MORE WORTH NEXT TIME OKAY MY FRIENDS????? The bacon was yummy tho, I think I’m just really partial towards bacon.

Ate until we were quite quite stuffed but then again in the first place PJ was alr like… 20% full? SIGH. The thought of it ah rly damn wasted. Went to a nice wall outside Macs to take photos after that. Took turns to help each other take and yay such lovely photos. Took instax also! Anw my film expiring in July so must take more photos hahaha.

Really hope you had a good celebration w me and susu dearest ST and PJ! Love y’all so much, thanks for always bringing such joy to my life. For growing up with me, keeping me grounded, for cheering me up when I’m sad, for laughing and truly celebrating with me every time I achieve something. It’s really my greatest fortune to be able call the both of you my best friends. And I rly hope we’ll be celebrating your 31st, 41st, 51st, all the way till 101st birthday and more together. Love y’all sooooo much rly in case you haven’t figured it out teehee.

Happy people after food!
Happy people after food!

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