The day I walked and walked and walked

Finally an update not from like one month ago! I scheduled my internship to start a week after my finals because I wanted a break to just nua and enjoy life so I had a whole week to myself!! So luxurious 😀 Wednesday was my eat lunch w PJ, shopping w mei and finally dinner w my family. The problem was… PJ’s lunch hour ends at 2pm. But mei had driving until 4.30pm so I had 2.5h to waste ON MY OWN. So not used to being so free w nothing to do. If it was during the semester it’d be easy, just bring my school work and find some place to study. But then… I didn’t rly have anything to study. And I didn’t want to bring Saffy out. And I didn’t have a book to read. So I was quite lost 😦

Anyway lunch w PJ was yummy! We had rosti but omg it was waaayyyy too much potato and we were so mega full after that. Was so nice to hang out w PJ ~ Even though we just met for lunch the day before for aerobics + Korean food for lunch. It’s always nice to hang out w my dearest PJ ~

After lunch I felt so lost 😦 2.5h WHAT TO DO?!! D: Luckily I remembered that… I’ve been wanting to buy my pointe shoes for the longest time EVER. So I took the train to Dhoby and WALKED TO WILKIE EDGE T.T It’s rly rly far okay 😦 Especially when it’s not like vv nice and cooling sigh. I decided to buy from Sonata this time instead of OKH because I saw that they have pointe shoe fittings! And becos I’m such a noob and know nuts about pointe shoes and how they should fit, I decided to go for a pointe shoe fitting and have an expert help me out. I really wanted to be able to do pointe this year – my ballet goal of the year! And hopefullyyyy do pointe work during the concert (if I get selected that is).

The shop lady (shop keeper? shop assistant?) was reallyyyy nice! Like she was super patient in explaining everything to me and let me try on so many different pairs to shoes to show me the difference between the brands and the kinds of fits they offer. IT WAS A WHOLE NEW WORLD AND SHE WAS MY GUIDE, HOLDING ME BY THE HAND AND SHOWING ME THE MAGIC THAT ARE POINTE SHOES.

Finally decided on my pointe shoes after trying on at least 4 pairs and yayyy I can’t wait to dance in them.

After my purchase, I checked Google maps and realised that it seems like walking to Bugis is the fastest way. SO I WALKED T.T Therefore you can technically say that I walked from Dhoby to Bugis. SO AMAZING EH CAN YOU BELIEVE I WALKED SO MUCH. Because I can hardly believe it LOL. So atypical of me

I was still mega early to meet my sis so… I just walked around and was basically q lonely. Wanted to sit somewhere to read but then everything so expensive and I’m a poor student 😥 Ended up at Macs w a sundae omg fsw really.

Sissy came finally then we walked around a bit. WASTED TRIP THO we both didn’t find anything we liked SIGH. Sad. Treated my mum to dinner then homeeeee. It was such a tiring day phew.

The day I walked and walked and walked

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