Trying out a Jazzttitude

Okay I feel the need to explain the title in case y’all think I suddenly lapsed into terrible grammar / something went wrong with my standard of English. Jazzttitude is a CCA/ club of sorts in school. The word is a portmanteau of Jazz and Attitude and it’s a street jazz club. Soooo trying out a Jazzttitude refers to attitude so it’s not exactly wrong okay never mind why am I trying to hard I was just tryna be punny.

15 April 2014 

Mr Jazzttitude AKA JJ the VP of the club asked me several times if I wanted to audition for the crew that they set up last semester. The back story is that raroro and I both went for the classes in Y1S1 but didn’t continue after that. JJ continued and even ROSE UP THE RANKS to become VP haha. So he was kinda like our sole connection back to the club. I was quite undecided about whether to go or not.

You see, I wanted to go because 1. I love dancing, and if I get in, it’s kinda like free dance classes LOL, 2. Mr J has been such a good and kind friend, always helping out whenever we need help, and he was worried that nobody would turn up for the auditions (i.e. he was in his time of need) so I couldn’t just 袖手旁观 right? 3. The vain part of me wanted to see if I could actually qualify.

But then there were reasons why I didn’t want to go also. The main reason being that their specified training dates clashed with ballet classes so that immediately rules it out. The other reason that required slightly more reflection was that I realised my entire uni life has basically revolved around NM and my NM friends. I barely have any friends outside of my major – those friends I have outside of my major are like PJ, Susu and raroro, all from NJ. I’ve been so comfortable in my little well. I didn’t have to venture out because I had all that I needed already. By going for the audition, I was kinda exposing myself to the possibility of changing the status quo. I’d have a life outside NM and as weird as it sounds, I wasn’t sure if I wanted it. After all, I was comfortable where I was. Having to make new friends, to re-establish myself in another context seemed so tiring.

BUT THEN. Reason number 2 for going overruled all the other negative reasons (even though they were super compelling) so I ended up going for the audition even though it was in Week 13 of school.

I was quite apprehensive about going because raroro wasn’t going with me. Like I said, I felt quite quite out of my comfort zone. Not completely out though, because I knew at least two other people going for the audition (Mr J and another friend). But they kinda had their own friends also so it was quite weird. The dancing part is okay, it’s the part before and after that’s a bit awkward because I was kinda friendless.

Ended up talking to some girls from Yale-NUS which was nice. But I’ve forgotten their names so oops. Then the instructor finally arrived and we had a lightning fast session of learning the choreo. Fastest ever omg I was shocked and could barely remember the choreo. THEN THEY DROPPED THE BOMB ON US. We were to audition in groups of six (which is okay), we were to perform the routine twice (still okay) and we were to have 2 eighths of freestyle (NOT OKAY. NOT OKAY AT ALL). If I knew about the freestyle bit I probably would have skipped the audition LOL.

Anyway I saw one of my NJ juniors there also! So we practised the choreo together in the little window of time they gave us to practise. And so coincidentally, that junior was in the same group of six as me! Wow talk about fate.

The two rounds kinda passed in a blur actually. Completely had no idea what I was doing for the freestyle section – I am so embarrassed. Was probably flailing my arms around acting sexy HAHA. I tried la okay I tried.

Ended the audition feeling rather gross and sticky. And realised that I was quite stinky also oops. Felt kinda bad to the other passengers in the train. I didn’t expect much from it actually, because I thought I’d have failed because of the freestyle bit (urgh). BUT TO MY SURPRISE, I QUALIFIED!!!!! :O :O :O

Training starts next week so… here’s hoping that I manage to make some new friends and here’s to new experiences 😀 More dancing and performing opportunities, I’m really quite excited about that 😀

Trying out a Jazzttitude

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