Guess who can finally TAKE THE CAR OUT FOR A SPIN

Okay so this post was drafted before I had my little accident (ok not traffic accident but just… damage-to-the-car accident) so it’s not thaaat accurate anymore. Oh well. Highs and lows of life.

But anyway, I’ve been wanting to drive on my own (especially to school omg) for the LONGEST TIME. Probably not immediately after I passed because that would be kinda mad and definitely would not have been allowed by my parents. But yknw, I kinda expected to be given permission to drive on my own at least after 6 months of getting my licence. But 6 months came and went. Then 8 months, then 10 months… before I knew it, I was commemorating the one year anniversary of getting my licence AKA it’s already been one year and I have yet to drive alone. Which when you think about it, it’s kinda sad? I mean, it’s not like I wanted to drive to far away lands. I just wanted to be able to drive to school. Or like Junction 8. Or Thomson Plaza. But noooo. I got so annoyed one morning trying to ask for permission – it just RUINED my day urgh.

But finally FINALLY after a few rounds of ‘okay this is your last test, after this we will let you drive on your own’ (yup, I had a couple of those last test), one Wednesday morning… I FINALLY GOT THE GREEN LIGHT TO DRIVE TO SCHOOL O M G. The feeling was SO FREAKING LIBERATING. I cannot even describe it. Nobody next to me to point out the little things I do wrong (which tbh, don’t rly matter that much). Nobody next to me to ask me to slow down when I’M ALREADY SLOWING DOWN. Nobody next to me to be the secondhand driver WOOHOO. I was so happy. PLUS I COULD LEAVE MY HOUSE LESS THAN AN HOUR BEFORE CLASS AND STILL BE EARLY OMG HOW CAN I NOT BE HAPPY RIGHT.

Freedom really. Plus I got to give raroro and susu a lift back to Thomson that day. Felt so happy to be finally of use as a driver after one year and at least two months of being a legal driver. SO EXHILARATING.

The first time I drove on my own felt kinda scary tbh. Even tho there’s nobody at my side to nag at me, there’s also like no extra pair of eyes for me? And if something goes wrong then GG yknw what I mean. So yeah q scary that way. Plus I was worried I’d get lost but I had Google Maps + memory from raroro driving me to school yay so it wasn’t too bad. Parking also went quite smoothly I was rather proud of myself.

The next time I drove to school was when I happened to have a project meeting that ended kinda late. WAS HAPPY THAT I DROVE BECOS I GOT HOME SO FAST. No need to squeeze w the crowd, to stare enviously at people who have a seat in the train, to carry Saffy + my school bag to and from school. So mega happy.

Until I kinda collided with this mini barrier at a carpark gantry when all the progress was shot and I just got reset back to level ZERO.

Gotta slowly work my way up again. Life sucks sigh. Ups and downs.

Guess who can finally TAKE THE CAR OUT FOR A SPIN

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