Some of the songs I keep replaying these few days are:

1. All of Me – John Legend and Lindsey Stirling

SAD SONG ALERT. But omg the violin + piano combo is so amazing. It makes it even sadder – if possible. PJ said she learnt a Jazz choreo to this and omg SO ENVIOUS. I shall try to go for that Jazz class – hope it’s still the same choreo. Love this song because it’s so sweet and the chorus is so singable sigh. SO SWEET.

2. First Love – Men In Black (Junhyung and BtoB in Monstar)

Actually I’m not that sure if I like this song because it was in the drama and fit the context v well or I just like this song. But the chorus is really rather catchy and I rly like the choreo at that point – the shoulders wiggling part. I realise I quite like dances like that LOL. Reminds me of Got7’s I Like You which has a really annoying female voice in the background but the song is still q not bad despite that. For reference, I’m talking about this song:

(posting the dance prac video because I like it better than the performances)

3. Mr Chu – Apink

 (the perf starts at 1:25)
I REALLY LIKE THIS SONG. I initially dismissed it as yet another cutesy girl group song but… idk this has a sorta special feel to it? I like how happy it feels. Maybe the choreo adds to the happy feel? Idk it’s just vv nice to me. Plus Eunji is so pretty here (as always). Makes me feel like cutting my hair to that length also LOL. But no it prob only looks good because it’s on her. Sigh.

4. Atlantis Princess – Monstar

I love how they changed BoA’s Atlantis Princess! Still has the happy feel to it but then the guitar sounds so lovely w it. Plus the girl’s voice is rather nice!

5. 黑色毛衣 – 周杰倫

It’s like for every nowplaying post I do, I’ve a song that I’m currently listening to that I feel a bit embarrassed about. I know this song is positively ANCIENT. But I rediscovered it when I was transferring music over to Saffy (my laptop). I realise how much he mumbles when he sings wow. In my infatuation w him phase I was all like NO HE SINGS SO WELL PLS CAN’T YOU TELL. But really… he mumbles. HAHA. Oh well. I like this song quite specifically for one part. It’s around 3:15 and onwards. Idk why but that part really appeals to me LOL.

/abrupt end.


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