Actually I have already noted down EVERYTHING like in super detail in my dayre already because it was v convenient hahaha. So please read from there!!

But this is my beloved bo ke so I cannot let it go to waste and die lonely. I AM NOT THAT KINDA PERSON. 喜新厌旧 (cue: waaa your Chinese #likeaboss) So here are some thoughts about my ballet exam 🙂

TBH I’d say I’m kinda disappointed in how I did because I know that I could have done better. But like in all exams, there are hits and misses. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you nail that balance. Sometimes if you’re not, you wobble and stumble. But I guess the lesson to take away is that failure is perhaps inevitable. What matters is what you learn from it and how you grow from it. So instead of dwelling on how it’s upsetting, I’m going to tell myself that it’s okay. That instead of looking at one exam, I should be looking at the whole process – how I’ve grown as a dancer and how I’ve gotten stronger and better.

OKAY LA CHEAP COMFORT LOL /dies. But really, there’s nothing for me to do now and there’s nothing I can change now. It’s kinda like my school exam philosophy also which probably explains why I usually don’t seem that upset after exams. Just live with the mistakes you made and know that you didn’t ONLY make mistakes. I hope there were moments in my dancing that made the examiner go ‘wow I didn’t think she could do that’ – that would be quite enough for me already.


I really want a distinction to finish off my Grade 8. Please please pleaseeee. I don’t even have to top my Grade 7 results which really, to me, seems likes some fluke result haha I really dk how I managed to do so well. SHOCKED MYSELF. Just let me get 75 marks and above and I’ll be super thankful already.

Yup so that’s all. For a blow-by-blow account of the exam do check out the dayre post where I talked about every single dance. For now, it’s back to school for me ~


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