One must be thankful.

Lately, despite my busy schedule in school, I have been on a roll. With drama watching that is. I’ve been so completely obsessed with You Who Came From The Star/ My Love from Another Star/ Man from Another Star. It’s so ridiculous that the show has so many names, all almost equally long. I don’t think I’ve blogged about it so I’ll probably do a post on it soon-ish! It’s ending soon which makes me kinda sad. But I don’t feel thaaat sad now because YES I FOUND A NEW DRAMA TO WATCH.

The question I ask myself now is, WHEN DO YOU EVEN STUDY. And not so deep down in my heart, I know that the answer is that study has somehow been pushed back rather far in my priority list. Sigh. On the kinda good side, my drama watching spree is controlled by the broadcasters. MY LIFE IS CONTROLLED BY THEM. Because both shows are ongoing, I can’t go on a real spree and overdose on all the episodes. I’M FORCED TO WAIT. EVERY. PAINFUL. WEEK. Suffering from intense withdrawal symptoms every time I finish the weeks’ episodes.

Anyway back to the subject of my post today. I am just rly grateful for the people to sub our dramas and Korean related things. WITHOUT THEM THERE WILL BE NO ME. Really. At least, there wouldn’t be the me y’all know and love. (Right? Right.)

Subtitling must be SUCH a tough job. You’ve to translate, add it to the show, time it and so on. Okay no I really don’t know how it’s done. I’m sure it’s waaayyyy more complicated than those three steps. Also they do it so incredibly promptly. Like the show airs in Korea and usually by the next day it’s up with subtitles.

THE POWER OF GLOBALISATION. And the Internet. If not I’ll have to wait till like 2 years later to watch the same show on Channel U.

So I think we all should really thank the people who do subtitling. From articles, to dramas, to variety shows, ANY AND EVERY PROGRAMME. And actually, in that aspect, it’s better to be in a huge fandom because really, everything gets done faster (and for some reason, sometimes better). Like comparing the subs done for EXO’s SHOWTIME and WINNERTV – SHOWTIME gets done way faster and by more people than WINNERTV. (Oh yeah I’m watching those too. But they’ve ended sigh. Good I guess.) So yup, bigger fandom = better becos more fans willing to sub.

That’s all I wanted to say. BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE SUBBERS OUT THERE YOU ARE SO AWESOME. It’s rly such a thankless and tough job. Especially when people keep demanding for subbed episodes, I think they kinda forget that subbing is probably not a full-time, paid job. It’s more like a labour of LOVE.

With that note, I end by wondering when the subbed Episode 8 of Emergency Couple will be out.

One must be thankful.

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