The competition that our society has worked so hard on that is. But it isn’t even the halfway mark. At least the opening ceremony is over – probably one of the hugest logistically problematic one.

[P.S. not including the name of the competition becos I don’t want random people to Google it and find my blog oops]

The road to the opening ceremony was arduous. And that’s considering my small role in it already. I am so glad we have such a capable project director. It’s amazing how everything came together, how she coordinated everything within the three parties and how we all survived the worry.

Because really, worry would be the best word I can use to describe the road to the opening ceremony.

First we worried about whether we’d be able to obtain a client.
Then we worried about whether we had enough sponsorships.
We worried about the new addition to the competition outline.
We worried if it was too competitive.
We (or at least I did) worried about whether it’d be fair to the students.
We worried about the collection of the sponsored items.
We worried about the lack of sign ups (!!!!!!!!!! More about this later)
We worried about the venue omg.

Everything. Or maybe it was just me, I think I’m a born worrier (insert image of furrowed eyebrows).

Anyway the lack of sign ups thing was rly amazing. Granted, we started publicity quite quite late. And with CNY in the middle of our publicity efforts, it rly posed a lot of problems. Our posters weren’t even up until the week of the opening itself.

But somehow, during the last few days there was an EXPLOSION OF SIGN UPS omg. Previously everytime I checked the sign up form, I’d be so disappointed. But on the last few days leading up to the oepning, there were like what, 2 sign ups per day??? (Okay that’s a grossly inaccurate estimate but you get the idea)

It was so super magical how it happened. This, my dear friends, is a clear example of one of my all time favourite quotes:

紧要关头不放弃, 绝望就变成希望

All my youth spent watching dramas wasn’t wasted after all. I learnt so much from them LOL.

Another examle of a super super super 紧要关头 was when we realised that we didn’t book a venue like less than 2h till the opening. I was so incredibly frantic and worried but like PJ said, THANK GOODNESS FOR THE KIND PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. Who have the power to make everything right for you when the rest of the world and the future is bleak. THE MARINA OF UTOWN.

Grateful beyond words to the guy who helped us if not I cannot even begin to imagine the disaster that… DID NOT HAPPEN AFTER ALL ♥

So yup. The rest of the event ran quite well (despite little hiccups) and the catered éclairs as usual were the highlight of the day (as least for me).

Glad it’s over 🙂 and now, time to face the rest of the things I’ve temporarily shoved to the back of my to do list!



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