Solo, yolo.

My rhyme for the title is funny right. Right.

We had ballet at 9am today instead of our usual because people wouldn’t be able to make it for class at night. I was unfortunately slightly late because I overslept and was huffing and puffing even before class started becos I was rushing.

A little explanation about the way the Grade 8 exam works:
Everyone has their own group of 3-4 dancers. And we each have to perform four solos – one compulsory and the other three chosen by ourselves.

Solos are rly rly quite frightening things – especially if you’re an unprepared dancers. There’s no crowd to melt into and it’ll rly only be you, the examiner and the pianist in the studio. Talk about nerve-wracking.

I haven’t actually had the chance to try dancing alone before, partly because of luck. So imagine my surprise when my ballet teacher suddenly said she wanted me to try dancing Valse Printemps solo. I was rly taken aback because I wasn’t expecting it and… okay better the Valse than the free movement one which I am rly rly unsure of.

That said though, I really appreciated the chance to try it out alone because at least now I have the feel of the space a solo dancer has to make use of, and it kinda boosted my confidence in an odd way. Super nervous and the greatest compliment was ‘Good effort’ rather than ‘good’ but it’s okay. Gna practise harder and work on the things she points out to me. One day (hopefully sooner rather than later), it’s gna be ‘good’.

Oh yes and I’ve ‘good line’ ^^ Rly have to take the rare compliments and hug them to myself and reassure myself that I’m not that lousy. Go go go PS G8 is not that insurmountable.

Solo, yolo.

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