School and Dayre

Hi guyssss

School has started again and I’ve gone home everyday dead tired from everything. But I know I’m not really doing as much also. Dk why I’m so tired -.-

This sem really looks damn challenging, NM mods wise. Quite worried about everything sigh, I’m really hoping I’ll be able to handle and cope with everything. Also, I haven’t had YTF yet and it’s Thursday already :O Utown sem ahead man (don’t be jealous raroro)

And I’ve created a dayre which I’m quite active on, daily quick updates which is q not bad. I don’t think it’ll replace this blog tho. It’s more for quick short thoughts that I jot down on the way home and things like that. This WordPress is for slightly longer, more reflective posts I guess. Don’t rly think y’all are that interested in my boring everyday life anw oops.

School and Dayre

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