Claypot Rice and LICK Round 2

18 December 2013

Back in Year 1, Semester 2, before things got hectic, Hazel and I discovered a little gem in Geylang. We were in the mood for some exploring and as always, in the mood for food so we spent a little time Googling and set out to find Geylang Claypot Rice – a place highly recommended according to HungryGoWhere. Plus their website reassuringly included mouthwatering photos of the other dishes they had so we were so completely sold on it. Then we went there and were BLOWN AWAY by the deliciousness of EVERYTHING WE ORDERED. So we decided that we HAD to go back there again and bring a friend this time because it was too good to not be shared.

So this time we brought ST 😀 We were supposed to meet at 1pm at Bishan MRT I think. But a strange twist of events (read: we were lazy and are terrible timekeepers) lead us to only LEAVE our houses at 1pm. Luckily we all stay around the same area sorta so we all got to Bishan at about the same time as well. We walked to Geylang Claypot Rice in the hot hot sun thinking that it didn’t look that far on Google Maps and we should walk off some fats before ingesting even more calories. Plus it seemed more troublesome to take the bus LOL. As always, it comes back to the root of all problems: laziness. Anyway we finally got to the place, after doubting our sense of direction multiple times because it seemed to take FOREVER to get there.

It didn’t take us too long to decide what to order because Hazel and I were pretty much set on what we wanted to eat. Which was basically the same as what we ordered previously. Just that this time we decided to swap the veggie for tofu. Tofu is sorta like a veggie too right. Since it’s made of soya beans. And soya beans grow on trees. So it’s a veggie at heart.

So here’s what we ordered:

Claypot rice, pork ribs, tofu, soft-shelled crab
Claypot rice, pork ribs, tofu, soft-shelled crab

Like the last time, everything was really yummy. But the pork ribs were less yummy boo. I was disappointed. Soft-shelled crab was super good tho. ST strongly recommends the tofu I think. I RECOMMEND THE SOFT-SHELLED CRAB. Omg sooo yummy.

After our meal, we headed to LICK aka Little Ice Cream Kafe but this time we went there by a different route! Once again we trusted Google Maps and let it take us there. Luckily it didn’t lead us astray. We did see some very interesting condominium names tho, I wonder how they come up with it. Some strangeee act-fancy names like ‘Sunflower view’ okay not that exactly. LOL but something similar. You get the idea.

Got there safely just before the rain started pouring. And because it’s Wednesday it was one-for-one ice cream again!! SO WE WERE LIKE OK ORDER EIGHT LA. SIX LA. Fatties teehee. Ended up ordering four scoops la. I’m so happy because it was mostly flavours I like this time but.. I forgot what we ordered omg. OH WAIT I REMEMBER. My favourite flavour we ordered is Sea Salt Caramel (I think that’s the time, should be something to that extend). Like it was so justtt right. Not too salty that it was weird, and not too sweet because it was salty enough. Sea salt is so super fabulous. MUST ORDER IF Y’ALL GO THERE OK.

We sat there really long and just talked and laughed and took photos because of the pretty wallpaper. I love how we’re all on about the same wavelength so we have about the same sense of humour. It’s so lovely to share the same sense of humour don’t you think? To laugh together 🙂

because for some reason, the photos where we're looking normal kinda.. don't look as good as when we're being our (true?) silly selves
because for some reason, the photos where we’re looking normal kinda.. don’t look as good as when we’re being our (true?) silly selves
happy pills :)
happy pills 🙂

We then took a bus back to Paya Lebar MRT where ST’s junior was waiting for him then we made use of him (heh) to help us take photos teehee 😀 Was a lovely day spent!

Claypot Rice and LICK Round 2

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