An industry visit, Frozen and Stranger’s Reunion

12 December 2013

I went for my first industry visit today! We went to Fixx, a local start-up that is involved in web-design, user experience design and things like that. Quite NM-related I guess, but more on the design track. I was quite interested in it tho, so I decided to go. The turnout was a bit meh, only me, Sam, Jindao, Ming, Amanda and one other person turned up :/ Oh well but we did publicise it quite late so nothing to say about it.

The office is located somewhere between Orchard and Great World City, nearer to Great World City but we didn’t know. Met everyone at Orchard and we walked down and gosh it was so far. D: So hot and so far. Ming was telling me about the play she and Amanda went to watch a few days before, The Woman In Black I think. SO HORRIFIC THE PLOT. I was quite scared as she told the story, I really can’t imagine watching it in real life. Ooh it appears that there is a film. Horror film yikes. Think I’ll just read the synopsis heh. Too much of a coward to find the movie to watch. Horror films not really my thing.

It was quite awkward when we got there because the boss we liaised with was out and I think his employees didn’t quite know what to do with us. Theirs was a small office, and apparently Gush is their um sibling company. The intern and an employee formerly from NUS were in charge of entertaining us first until the boss. He was really young :O Slightly older than us I think. I was really impressed by how absolutely nice he was. Like he was really friendly and helpful and so willing to share and give advice.

So yup visit done, we headed to Great World City (I haven’t been there in YEARS) to have lunch. Had trouble deciding on lunch because we were all on a budget but… our budget led us to Crystal Jade. The irony. Then Ming, Amanda and I decided to watch Frozen at the theatre there since it was showing anyway. Too lazy to travel elsewhere to watch since it was already showing here. And Sam joined us for the movie yay!

FROZEN WAS SO INCREDIBLE. After the slightly weird starting, I fell in love with it. With the characters, the slightly cliched plot, the emotions expressed during the movie, and the music. OH GOSH THE MUSIC. It complemented the show so well and it quite reminded me of The Little Mermaid. Especially the duets with the sisters, they reminded me so strongly of The Little Mermaid II when Ariel and Melody were singing together.

THE SONGS WERE SO BEAUTIFUL. I really really loved the movie, it gave me such a happy feeling inside, kinda like how Tangled did. Music’s really important in Disney movies wow.

I initially wanted to write a movie review sorta but too much time has passed for me to attempt a proper review so… just watch the movie. It’s rly rly worth it. For the beautiful characters, the touching storyline and the wonderful, wonderful music.

After the movie, Ming, Manda and I decided to go check out Stranger’s Reunion where Alvin’s working while Sam went back to school. Turns out it wasn’t thaat far I think. Got kinda lost on our way there, quite hard to find boo. And… Alvin wasn’t surprised omg. So annoying >: (

Ordered cakes to share and left after that. UNFORTUNATELY IT STARTED TO RAIN D: So we trudged away in the rain back home boo.

Lesson learnt: Don’t try to surprise Alvin, you’ll probably be disappointed at his reaction. But the cakes were not bad heh 🙂

All in all, it was a good day spent w my uni friends. Learnt new things from Fixx, watched a super happy-making movie and had yummy food. What more can I ask ~

An industry visit, Frozen and Stranger’s Reunion

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