A manicure and a bit of ballet

6 December 2014

I’ve been wanting to do my nails for AGES really. My nails have been unpainted since recess week I think. I just have not found the time to either paint my nails on my own or go do my nails somewhere. Okay probably not the paint my own nails thing. I’ve tried so many times but really, it just fails most of the time sigh. And it happened that Ming Ming was free that Friday afternoon so we made a date to go do our nails together yayzors 😀

Agonised over what to wear for a vv long time. Because I was going to watch a ballet in the evening = must dress better. But then I was going to Orchard / Far East to do my nails = don’t rly need to dress that well sigh. Ended up wearing my dress because I was too lazy to pack any extra set of clothes heh.

Met Ming Ming and we explored Far East a little and ate yummy rojak before going to a nail salon to do our nails. Yay for $5 nails teehee. Unfortunately we weren’t seated together because they were quite busy. So we had to take whichever seats were vacated first sigh. Oh it was the first time I had a male manicurist. He was quite fabulous and quite reminded me of Adam Lambert (thankfully my dear friends reading this aren’t really great fans of his hahaha oops). Anyway, halfway through painting my nails, the CD stopped playing. Maybe it was like his turn to choose the music or something but in any case I WAS SO PLEASANTLY SURPRISED WHEN I HEARD A FAMILIAR TUNE PLAYING.

K-pop omg. Oh the familiar lovely tunes of K-pop started blasting through the speakers of the nail salon. I WAS SO DELIGHTED. I think it was Coup D’etat. Anywho, I heard him singing along and I was thinking like OMG A FRIEND. A CHINGU (Korean for friend my dear PJ who doesn’t understand Korean). So I decided to strike up a conversation with him.

The conversation didn’t last that long though sigh. I thought we’d be able to connect through our mutual love for K-Pop but noooo he was more interested in painting my nails (which I should be grateful for I guess LOL). But still i was v pleased by the choice of music. I reveled in the fact that I could identify and even hum along to most of the songs YAY.

Of course Ming Ming did not share my sentiments teehee. I was mouthing to her several times ‘OMG I KNOW THIS SONG’ or like we were tweeting/ messaging each other on LINE sigh the wonders of technology keeping two people separated by two chairs connected 😉 We decided that it was time to leave the place because we were quite tired of mouthing to each other so we paid and went on our merry way.

Took a picture before we parted ways though:

This is how Ming Ming looks like
This is how Ming Ming looks like

Sigh I’m going to miss Ming Ming when she flies off tomorrow 😥

Met Hazel at City Hall after that! We decided to have our dinner at this little hawker area next to Esplanade which had q hawker fare. Decided on Pad Thai and Satay to share! Didn’t want to stuff ourselves because we wanted dessert heh. Who doesn’t want dessert right! 😀

Had Haagen Dazs and Hazel dropped her little surprise secret on me and I had to act calm and composed but was cool. Happy for you Hazel, happy that you’re happy 😀

Then we went to watch the ballet! The Nutcracker, put on by Singapore Dance Theatre. I was quite upset at missing the Bolshoi Ballet because they came during my exam period and by the time i realised that I’d be able to go, it was too late 😦 Sold out sigh pie and I heard it was so good too.

SDT’s Nutcracker had kinda an interesting twist to it. Like they injected a more Asian figure to it. TBH, my impression of Nutcracker is from Barbie LOL so is Hazel’s as she confessed to me in a whisper just as the ballet was starting.

SDT’s Nutcracker was set in Shanghai, where characters have taken on a more Western take on life and dressing and are quite affluent. The story is that a family holds a Christmas gathering for their family and friends. One uncle gifts the younger daughter with a nutcracker which has some magic in it. At night, the daughter wakes up and goes to the living room to hug her nutcracker to sleep. To her surprise, the mice in the house (tsk dirty) come alive and some soldiers come and rescue her. After the soldiers win the battle with the mice, she’s whisked away on this magical journey were she sees the snow queen and king and finally the sugar plum fairy (sorta like the highlight) and then.. she’s returned to the living room. Yup so that’s basically it.

I thought it was nice that they tried the Chinese twist to it? Especially since most of the dancers were of Asian descent. But it still felt quite weird, I don’t think it was handled that well. Actually, overall I found the story a little boring. The battle scene between the mice and the soldiers was, for a lack of a better word, quite silly to watch. Probably because the mice were children whereas the soldiers were dancers in their 20s I’m guessing? So yup, quite silly to watch the way they ‘battled’. Felt so much like a staged show (which I suppose it is).

I didn’t felt that swept away by the magic or the dancing. Of course there were moments that wowed me (it doesn’t take a lot). But I suspect that because the plot was so nonsense to me, I didn’t enjoy the ballet as much as I could have. Oh yes and there were at least three times when a dancer slipped oh gosh. My heart went out for those dancers – it must have been so heartbreaking to slip especially after they practised so hard. Everything kinda went down the drain when they lost their balance sigh.

So yup it was quite a disappointing ballet sigh can’t believe i’m saying this.

Anyway after the ballet Hazel and i took the train to Orchard to meet my parents and my sis and they gave Hazel a lift home. I think my dad forgot how far Hazel stays LOL. Doubt he’s gna offer to send her all the way home anytime soon! 😛

A manicure and a bit of ballet

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