What have I been up to?

Okay I know the updates have been coming quite sporadically and not in chronological order. So here is my attempt to make everything a bit more orderly šŸ˜€ Starting from the end of my exams!

[Edit: oh yes this is a sticky post. So scroll down and you might just see a new update heh. TRY YOUR LUCK]

Week 1:

  • Tues, 3 Dec: Had a celebratory dinner with raroro!
  • Wed, 4 Dec: Had a day out w my sissy. We finally caught Catching Fire and had our haircut ~
  • Thurs, 5 Dec: Laze around day ~
  • Fri, 6 Dec: Mani date w Ming Ming and then Swan Lake date w Hazel!

Week 2:

  • Mon, 9 Dec: Was my rather busy day w NM peeps then Jazz w Hazel
  • Tues, 10 Dec: Kpop Fanily Day 2 ~
  • Wed, 11 Dec: A facial to pamper myself then Creamier w Melissa and Sherlyn yay!
  • Thurs, 12 Dec: Visited Fixx and then watched Frozen (!!) and then visited Strangers’ Reunion and zumba woohoo
  • Fri, 13 Dec: Went to school for the Adobe workshop

Week 3:

  • Mon, 16 Dec: IKEA lunch w raroro!
  • Tues, 17 Dec: Went back to school meh. Then Koh Sushi Grill & Bar for the first time!!
  • Wed, 18 Dec: FSWM day w Hazel and ST
  • Thurs, 19 Dec: LAZE AT HOME DAY
  • Fri, 20 Dec: Dinner w 08!

Will update this list periodically. Omg I feel so organised and helpful. Now you guys will know what I’m up to everyday LOL

What have I been up to?

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