Nom nom at IKEA

16 Dec 2013

As I mentioned a few posts ago, my dearest hardworking raroro found a job immediately after exams boo. Poof goes my plans to catch up properly with her over the holidays (because I saw her so infrequently in sem 1). But obviously I wouldn’t let her state of employment deter me! So I was like okay I’ll meet you for lunch one day k! Plus she works kinda near IKEA so we could lunch there ^^

Hurried over the IKEA because as usual I was late sorta. I really need to work on this. Just because ST is always late does not give me an excuse to be late all the time also. BAD HABIT. The queue was shocking omg. It stretched all the way to the entrance. Completely didn’t expect it :O Waited a while for raroro then we went to buy food.

I took quite a while deciding what to eat because I realised… I don’t really like IKEA food haha. Like there isn’t exactly something I like a lot? The meatballs are okay-ish at least to me even though everyone raves about it. Partly because I don’t eat beef I guess. So that didn’t leave me with a lot of other options. Ended up ordering the salmon but omg SALMON IS NOT MY THING MAN. Not. My. Thing.

Luckily for me, raroro was feeling hungry so we ordered an additional side of chicken wings and a cake. IMO the best food IKEA has is the chicken wings. And the desserts. The rest are… kinda okay? Not exactly worth the trip down if you don’t stay nearby I guess. So if you go to IKEA for the food.. get the chicken wings. And a cake. The rest of the food is meh. You’d be better off going opposite to Jack’s Place or Swissbake at Anchorpoint I think.

Walked raroro to the bus stop but by that time she was late already oops. Sorry for delaying you raroro D: Then there was me. Alone sighh. Decided to check out Anchorpoint because raroro said that there are many outlet stores there but nothing really caught my eye. So I trudged back to IKEA to buy the meatballs (requested by dearest bro) and another cake for my siblings.

BUT I FORGOT THAT IKEA DOESN’T GIVE OUT PLASTIC BAGS T.T T.T T.T So I had to carry two takeaway boxes ALL THE WAY BACK TO HOME T.T Thankfully though I decided to take a straight bus back to Thomson. But I lacked foresight and chose a window seat that the sun was mercilessly shining through. THE AIRCON WAS FOR NAUGHT 😦 So there I sat, suntanning in an airconditioned bus. My luck really.. 😦

Got home then both Hazel and I got too lazy to go for our last Jazz lesson heh. So I ended up going for StretchFit in the night instead ^^

Nom nom at IKEA

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