Nothing gets Creamier than this

11 December 2013

(How cheesy is my title man LOL)

For some odd reason, I keep forgetting what I did on Wednesday. I was thinking like okay, this week I went out a lot, gotta blog about it! Tuesday was Kpop Fanily day so not that much to blog about – will get to it next time. Thursday I went to visit a web design company then watched Frozen (again, more about it in the next post, hopefully) then Friday I went back to school to help Sam out w the Illustrator workshop. BUT WHAT DID I DO ON WEDNESDAY. I guess it might be because I met the girls kinda late in the afternoon so it doesn’t register to me. A bit odd that way hmm.

I had a facial appointment on at noon because I haven’t gone for awhile, besides, the package is prepaid so no point not going right. WAS PAINFUL AS USUAL /cries. Finished later than expected so I had to rush home and quickly bathe and zoom out of the house. Was supposed to meet Melissa and Sherlyn at Braddell MRT but thank goodness they were all delayed in some way so in the end we happened to all be on the same train teehee lucky me 😀

Relied on Melissa to get us there because she’s the only one who’s been there before and she’s the best at directions in our little trio already. Like she put it, Sherlyn can’t read the map, but I can’t even reach the map to read it. Height problems 😦

Finally made it to Creamier safe and sound. Turns out that it’s near the market my mum goes to! All the childhood memories of going there and playing in the area while waiting for my mum to be done marketing. Can’t believe that there’s a yummy little ice cream café there now wow. Times are changing. Got ourselves a little table by the door because the cafe’s really small and kinda cramped. Then we ordered waffles with ice cream and a root beer float. I realise now that I don’t remember what ice cream we ordered. My memory really… oh well. I think we had Plain Ole Chocolate. Completely forgot what’s the other one though.

hello waffles
hello waffles

Photo taken by Melissa with the camera she likes 😀 Polished off the waffles and ice cream way too quickly because it was really super duper yummy. It’s so terrible that the yummy food are always the sinful / bad for health / fattening ones right. D: I keep telling myself either:

  1. Eat less now because I’m going to HK and Taiwan where I will definitely eat a lot (and not exercise omg I am going to become a whale), or
  2. Eat now because I’ll do the dieting next year (yeah right we all know that’s not going to happen), or
  3. Cut down on the fattening food, sweets and soft drinks

All not working out unfortunately. This is a problem because I put on weight really easily and my grade 8 ballet exam is next April. Nobody wants to watch a fat dancer in a leotard try to jump. Sigh. I worry for myself after ballet exams. Going to become a blob of blubber. BUT OKAY THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS POST IS ABOUT.

Anyway after the waffles we were like okay should we go to Wimbly Lu hmm hmm. But I remembered that my sis told me that the waffles there were good. And I didn’t really want to eat waffles and ice cream again, felt more like eating some savoury after all that sweet. SO WE WENT TO POPEYE’S LOL. It was either KFC or Popeye’s. Since the both of them were boycotting KFC there was only one option oh well.

We headed to AMK since it was the nearest Popeye’s and shared some nuggets. Nua-ed there for ages because of the rain. We talked about school, work and family life – the usual. Was nice though, since I haven’t seen Sherlyn since my birthday I think. Don’t think I’ve seen Melissa since then either sigh. School and I’m lazy to arrange to meet people also. My laziness will be the root cause of me losing friends.

I had the intention to take a photo with everyone I met over the holidays but it has kinda been failing. I think I’ll stick to taking photos during every outing. Will see how that goes – although it’s already failed a few times oh well.

Since we didn’t get to taking a photo together, here’s a photo of me pigging out on the super duper yummy ice cream. Or at least, what’s left of it.

Check out the empty plate and empty glass. FSW
Check out the empty plate and empty glass. FSW

And so I end here. Remember everyone. Eat in moderation if not you’ll have a double chin and XXL cheeks to rival mine! 😉 Happy holidays ~~

Nothing gets Creamier than this

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