Liang Court for your Japanese food cravings

7 October 2013

OMG Clarke Quay on a school night!!
OMG Clarke Quay on a school night!!

I almost completely forgot about this dinner I had with PJ and Susu. Actually I don’t even remember how we decided to go out for a meal together. I think it was probably because Susu and I were craving sushi (Susushi omg YES I REMEMBER) then we spontaneously (okay not really, we kinda Googled to check out cheap and yummy sushi) decided to go have some sushi and asked PJ along.

So we decided on some sushi restaurant in Liang Court, I don’t even remember the name of it anymore. Reviews were quite positive about it. Also since it’s at Clarke Quay, it’s not that far from school so our choice was made. UNFORTUNATELY the reviews were wrong. 😦

The sushi tasted quite average to me. Considering how my choices were limited since I don’t eat raw seafood, maybe I’m not a good gauge. But Susu and PJ were similarly unimpressed by the sushi they had. Plus they gave us some order of a terrible terrible sushi that we didn’t order but had to finish because they were bullies and said we ordered it. BUT NO WE DIDN’T!! 😥 Omg it tasted SO BAD. I was so tempted to spit it out when I put it into my mouth sigh.

So we decided to cut our losses and leave after we finished the sushi we ordered. Not really that full I think so we hopped to a more expensive looking Japanese restaurant that served a lot more food than sushi. I didn’t really want to spend that much so I ordered a cake. Which was yummy. But I don’t remember what cake HAHAHA.

THEN. TO MY ABSOLUTE HORROR. SUSU AND PJ DECIDED TO GO TO FOR ROUND THREE. I was really agog. HOW COULD ANYONE EAT SO MUCH. Hahaha but they did. They shared a bowl of udon which I have to admit was way yummier than the disappointing sushi. So the moral of this food journey is: if you go to Liang Court, don’t go to the sushi place in the corner of Liang Court and go straight to the udon place that’s a bit like a fast food restaurant style.

I realise that my review’s not v helpful becos no names of the places HAHAHA. Oh well. There’s the challenge then. Will you be able to figure out which places I’m talking about? SEE HOW I CHALLENGE YOU MY DEAR FRIENDS. 😉

Liang Court for your Japanese food cravings

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