The fiasco that was K-Wave

I think I first heard about the concert during a UTU lecture I think. I was so mega excited because it was to feature so many K-pop idols that I knew and am quite interested in – BAP, EXO, SHINee, miss A, 2PM, 2AM, Sistar. All quite big names in the K-pop industry and I thought it was way suitable for me because I like so many groups and I’m less of an ardent fan of a single group. I really wanted to go but the ticket prices were INSANE. The cheapest ticket was going at $168, and I think it went all the way up till over $800? An important fact to note was that the concert was to be held at Gardens By The Bay. Having been there only about three times, I’m in no position to say whether or not it’s a suitable place for a concert. After all, they do hold many successful concerts at Fort Canning Green. However, it wasn’t very reassuring when the prices of the tickets were so high but your location is… Hill 1, Hill 2A… etc.

I was not very impressed. Nonetheless, it was touted as the largest K-pop concert held in Singapore ever, quite exciting news! So when Ruoxin gave me the link to sign up as a volunteer, I checked my schedule and OKAY LET’S SIGN UP NOW. I didn’t have much hope for it though because I thought they’d have wanted someone with the ability to speak Korean.

And as it turned out, I wasn’t selected! I wasn’t super disappointed though, just got on with life. After all, it’s not like I’m always going to concerts. It’s just yet another missed concert for me LOL.

BUT THEN ONE FINE DAY I received an email from Fat Fish Ent, the company organising the concert. Turns out they shortlisted me! Must have been a round 2 kinda thing. Obviously I was mega excited and like OKAY IM GNA DO THIS COME HELL OR HIGH WATER. (omgisaidabadword)

The interview was scheduled at 3pm on a Monday. But I’ve a tutorial at 3pm! :O Like I said though, I was determined to go for it. So I arranged to attend another tutorial because that volunteering gig was so important to me. Priorities sometimes… I question myself too.

I was super glad when i realised that Choonz got selected as well! Yay Kpop Fanily represent 😀 Quite disappointed that ST didn’t get shortlisted though. But he so kindly volunteered to accompany me for the interview.

7 October 2013 

I headed to one-north immediately after my morning lecture because I didn’t wna be late. Grabbed a quick meal at Subway while waiting for ST to arrive. Surprisingly though, I wasn’t nervous AT ALL. idk why but I envisioned it to be quite casual and friendly – so nope, not nervous.

We walked to a building with lots of offices but it wasn’t those fancy shiny new buildings we see in Raffles Place. The Fat Fish Ent company was located in a rather drab, small and not that impressive little office. So I thought oh gosh they’re quite amazing given that it seems like they’ve quite little manpower but they’re organising such a big concert.

Oh yes, I didn’t go there ill-prepared! I checked out the company with the ever-helpful Google and realised that they were a relatively new company. Okay not a company exactly. They were like a subsidiary of a larger company.  So yep, it was probably their first time organising something so large scale, in fact, probably their first time organising ANYTHING. *ding ding ding warning bells*

The interview wasn’t much of an interview. At the end of it I was quite unimpressed and decided that I’m not going to take up the job even if they offered it to me because:

  1. For the group chit-chat session (because really, that’s all it was), they asked for our name, what we were doing now (as in like our stage of life?) and our favourite K-pop group. Our favourite K-pop group. R U SRS. What a lame question really.
  2. The benefits were terrible. Two tickets to a concert we cannot watch and meal vouchers. Um.. what benefits? OKAY I know it’s a volunteering thing, but obviously I’m not doing this out of the goodness of my heart right. I WANT TO SEE KPOP
  3. I was not as desperate as some of the people there. Watching them trying to hard-sell themselves even after they explained that we probably won’t see the artistes… I really felt pity for them. Haha I mean like, it’s just a volunteering thing, you’re not even gna be able your idols!! WHY ARE YOU TRYING SO HARD?!

So yup decided not to. After the chit-chat session, Choonz gave me and ST a lift back to NUS (omg friends who can drive are really the bestest ever) where we spent some time stalking people on FB. The things we do aiyo.

But that’s a story for another time. Back to this!

Then one day susu LINE-d me saying that there was a super offer on QOO10 – the tickets were selling at a super discounted rate!! OMG MUST BUY MUST BUY. It was like almost 50% off eh, when will there ever be such a good idea again?! Obviously it occurred to me that this and the fact that they were gna give volunteers a pair of free tickets meant that their sales must have been pretty bad. BUT I PUSHED ANY MISGIVINGS ASIDE AND BOUGHT THE TICKETS HOORAY.

Super excited about going for it but then it kinda got pushed to the back of my priorities because school was getting so busy.

Until 6 November, 10 days before the concert.

Before that there had been news reports about trouble in paradise. Fat Fish Ent was dissed for their request for fans to donate money to buy food and get transport for the idols. The fans were understandably confused and quite unhappy with the request I think. Because they felt that their donations should be voluntary, and not an obligation – the way Fat Fish made it seem like. So Fat Fish apologised and decided no donations AT ALL. Sigh way to swing to the other end. Again, people were not happy.

And on 6 November the fabulous announcement came. Guess what guys, the concert is cancelled!

My initial reaction was OMG WTH AGAIN?! I HAVE THE WORST LUCK. Then after that my main concern was whether or not I’d get my money back.

In that aspect, I think we were really lucky because I think the tickets stipulated that no refunds would be given. But that condition was probably did not take into account the idea of the entire concert being cancelled? There was a fury of comments from angry fans and overseas fans. “We bought air tickets and paid for accommodation – are you going to reimburse that?!!” “I’m so disappointed, what are you going to do now?” “How can you do this?!”

You get the idea. Angry, harsh words directed towards Fat Fish Ent. I actually felt kinda sorry for them. Mainly because I got the refund I think LOL.

But I thought they were really responsible in trying to refund everyone. A concert on that scale was probably way out of their league.

And Fat Fish Ent is now no more.

Thinking back, it all kinda feels like a really bad dream, probably more so for the company. Hell hath no fury like a fan disappointed.

The fiasco that was K-Wave

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