Final(ly) over!

HAHA WHEN WILL FINAL(LY) OVER GET STALE REALLY. I think it’s the second time I used it teehee. And that makes it a 2/3 times possible usage because YES FRIENDS I HAVE OFFICIALLY FINISHED THE FIRST SEMESTER OF MY SECOND YEAR IN UNIVERSITY WOOHOOOOO. This semester was particularly tough CA-wise. That means I was really busy throughout the semester – which can sorta explain my lack of posts… I hope? Hahaha. The good thing about it was that I only had three final examinations oh gosh. REVELING IN THE JOY OF HAVING ONLY THREE EXAMS REALLY. I think because of that, I had the most unproductive reading week. Oh yes and one of my exams was purely application so I sorta only had two exams omg. What a lovely selection of modules this semester LOL.

So actually I’d be lying if I said I was very stressed during these past two weeks. In fact, I suspect it’s kinda been the more relaxed few weeks I’ve had since past recess week probably? LOL the irony. But I’m really glad I’ve been consistent in doing my readings and attending lectures (sorta) regularly because I found that it really helped me a lot when I was trying to revise. SO TIP TO YOU ST: No matter how tempting it is to skip lectures and how easy it is to leave your readings till reading week, it’s not good for you! Consistent work really makes life x100 easier, promise! SUFFER NOW, SUFFER LESS LATER.

As per tradition (if you can call it that since it’s only been in effect twice), I celebrated the end of my finals with raroro πŸ™‚ We had a lot of trouble trying to recall what we did to celebrate the end of finals last semester. After quite a long time and a lot of effort, we finally remembered that we were supposed to go to Food for Thought, but it was closed!! D: And we ended up in some suspicious dimly-lit place -.-

This semester we decided to go somewhere a bit nearer to school because raroro had to work on Wednesday! No break eh this girl D: It was a choice between Holland V, BV and Vivocity. Settled on Holland V in the end because it was slightly more exotic and unexplored than Vivocity and seemed a lot more interesting than BV. At Agnes’ suggestion, we went to D’Good Cafe. The last time I went there was with Shaun! Feels like an eternity ago that we were so close sigh.

We ventured to the third floor where there were more seats because the second floor was mainly occupied by couples and… it felt kinda awkward. So third floor. But I wanted the swingggg 😦 So that we could have a swingin’ good time *badumtssss*

After we ordered our food, I decided to check out the second floor again AND YAY THE SWING SEAT WAS AVAILABLE HAPPY ME. So we hurried downstairs and put our bags there TO STAKE OUR CLAIM. So auntie teehee.

Both of us ordered breakfast sets for dinner because we’re cool like that. πŸ˜€ Ordered Eggs Benedict which I couldn’t bear to order the last time I was there because of the price. But raroro was egging me on (omg what’s w me and the puns tonight HAHA I’m so funny) saying that we should treat ourselves after our exams and of course I agreed heartily. So I added an ice chocolate too. I TOTALLY DON’T REGRET IT OMG.

The meal was super yummy. Or maybe I was just hungry HAHA. That’s what a 5-7pm paper does to you I guess. But I really liked the ice chocolate – it wasn’t the diluted kind, super rich and not thaaat sweet either. Happiness is ice choclate in a cup.

After that we decided that sitting on the swing together isn’t considered too lesbian (lol like that time when I was hanging out w Melissa at AMK). So we sat and swung and talked till closing time.

Sounds so idealistic right. Unreal.

HAHA BUT WE REALLY DID THAT. Like around 10pm, people started filing out from the third floor and after awhile when we turned around, we realised that we were kinda the only customers left oops. It was like they all knew the cafe closes at 10pm :O HOW DID THEY KNOW.

We were quite determined to take a picture so we asked the counter staff to help us take a photo. The guy was really really helpful and friendly omg. WAS QUITE TAKEN ABACK BY HIS FRIENDLINESS. Like he asked us where we wanted to take the photo, and then even gave us suggestions ‘How about by the bicycle? It’s nice!’ and even moved the bicycle for us.

Kinda resulted in quite awkward laughter – yknw the kind you give when you don’t know how to react – at least on my part. But he mistook it for being shy.. um also can. HAHA. But really glad he was so nice about it even though they were closing up and we were probably in the way. Thank you nice person who works at D’Good Cafe. Even though you’ve shaky hands.

dearest raroro
dearest raroro πŸ˜€Β 

So that’s how I celebrated the end of finals with dearest raroro whom I hardly saw this semester. We were talking about how we saw each other less than once a week this semester sigh. I really miss rambling to her and her hot-and-cold-ness and her funny funny stories 😦 Hopefully we’ll get to see each other more next semester!

Final(ly) over!

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