Commitment (to support Kpop)

26 November


 No prizes for guessing what this post is about! 😀 On the Monday of recess week as I was travelling to meet ST at Yishun, Susu called me with a piece of very surprising news! She asked if I was free the day after. Naturally I asked why. TURNS OUT SHE WON TICKETS TO WATCH A PREMIER OF TOP’S MOVIE COMMITMENT!! Omg of course I’m free right. Not free also will clear my schedule LOL. Free movie tickets + TOP’s face on the big screen, what is finals??

With a happy heart, I met susu on Tuesday evening to watch Commitment. The movie was supposed to start at 7.15pm but we met at 6.30pm oops. I think it was my fault, We collected the tickets and then had one of the fastest dinners I’ve ever had. I think we ate our sushi dinner in less than 15 minutes? At a restaurant no less. LOL was amazing. Then we hurried back to to the movie theatre and settled our stuff down and ran to the toilet because we didn’t want to have to go during the movie.

I QUITE ENJOYED THE MOVIE REALLY. Like there were quite a few moments that I almost cried because it was so touching. And TOP is really handsome. Andddd I think the thing about his acting is how emotive his eyes is? HAHA I SOUND REALLY CHEESY HERE. But it really felt like he conveyed a lot of emotions through his eyes only. His character was more of the stoic type – which kinda seems like the character he pro trays most of the time LOL. So a lot of times his hurt/pain/emotional turmoil was shown through his eyes/actions. SIGH. TOP is really a rather good actor.

Plot-wise I thought this movie was slightly better than Secretly, Greatly. They kinda have the same premise. A North Korean spy in South Korea, and both main characters were in it kinda to protect their loved one. I actually prefer the first part of Secretly, Greatly because it’s brighter, more light-hearted than Commitment. Commitment starts off dark and ends of with sort of a more positive and hopeful note. Even though I don’t think anyone reading this will watch but still, shall not be a spoiler ~ To me, Commitment ended off in a more believable note? Susu and I didn’t go like omgwthisthismoviedoing as much HAHA. But there were some moments that seemed a bit out of character and huh? moments. BUT THE TOUCHING MOMENTS WERE SO SHINING AND LOVELY I WAS VERY HAPPY W IT.

That said though, Choonz watched the movie but said it was slow-going and probably not that great a movie unless you just wna see TOP. I quite disagree with that tho >: (

So yup, we went home after the movie. First time going for a movie premier ~ Thanks susu for inviting me yay. NO BREATHING UP NEXT CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH IT. YURI + SEO IN GUK + LEE JONGSUK! :O

Commitment (to support Kpop)

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