A fishy end to the Semester

Apparently it’s tradition dating back to we-don’t-know-when to treat the previous CNM Society exco to a meal.

[start rant]
I remember how back in NJ Council there was that Junior Treat Senior thing that I am still unhappy about (partly because we didn’t get it LOL). We treated the seniors to a catered buffet dinner which was quite yummy but… FOR WHAT. Looking back, I really question the rationale of it. Of course, as juniors we didn’t really protest that stupid tradition. But honestly, WHY should juniors treat their seniors if the seniors are not going to do much for them? Also, why make it an obligation? To me, the only reason why this should happen is if the seniors render help and guidance to their juniors and out of their goodwill, the juniors treat their seniors to a meal to thank them. THAT should be the rationale. It shouldn’t be a “Oh I’m treating them because they treated their seniors and the seniors before them treated their seniors” There is NO logic in that. So I’m kinda glad that Esther bucked tradition and told us there would be no more Junior Treat Senior thing from our year. It’s really a pointless, senseless, cheapskate way of getting a free meal don’t you think? Granted you could say that it’s a reward for your term of service, but why should the reward come from your juniors? They didn’t really benefit from your term, did they? NONSENSE.
[/end rant]

But I didn’t mind treating the CNM Society seniors because I really think they helped/are helping and guiding us a lot. And the current exco is still asking the previous exco questions and all that. Their willingness to help us even after they stepped down is really touching :’) Plus the fact that they’re all so friendly teehee (unlike the NJ council seniors who IMHO don’t deserve a treat).

We knew about this from AGM/ handover day but couldn’t coordinate a day to treat them because we were all so busy. In the end I made the executive decision to do it on the last day of school because we had to treat them to a meal before Sze Ming flies off! But the terrible thing was that we couldn’t decide on the place because we had so many criteria to fulfill (no pork, affordable for us, etc). Plus, we were mostly rushing our assignments (NM2104 essay was due on that very day!) so we couldn’t come to a decision. I felt so apologetic to Ming Ming who had to be accountable to her exco as well. Glad they were understanding πŸ™‚

We finally decided on VivoCity! After class and after submission of the essay (FINALLY), my exco met and went to VivoCity first, hoping to settle on a restaurant before the seniors arrived. After much indecision and walking around, we swam to Fish N Co because we were kinda too lazy to move already.

Queued and waited for mega long – about 30 minutes I think? Halfway through I had a pleasant surprise! RARORO APPEARED YAAYYYYYY. It felt like I had not seen her for weeks really πŸ˜€ It made my day to see her and squeal to her and talk to us. SUCH A COINCIDENCE – WE’RE FATED TO BE MY DEAR RARORO πŸ˜€

Anyway, we were finally seated after a long wait. In a strange twist of events, only Sam and I were seated with the seniors while the rest were at the other table. Sigh I felt kinda lonely and left out… Not that I don’t like the seniors of course. Just that it was kinda boring eeps. OH WELL IS OKAY.

Food was okaaaay. I still like the fish and chips with cheese inside best but didn’t have much of it boo 😦

After the meal we proceeded to Ben and Jerry’s for ice cream yippee!! πŸ˜€ Shared two tubs with some of them while the rest bought other desserts. YUMMY BEN AND JERRY’S. We went to the outdoor area to sit and chat and enjoy our ice cream. But because we started so late, there wasn’t much time to chill. Received a text from my mum asking if I was on the way home eeks. So we hurriedly took a group photo and some of us left early yup.

Best photo of the night :)
Best photo of the night πŸ™‚

So that’s how I ended my Year 2 Semester 1 πŸ™‚ With this group of (sorta) new found friends who’ve given me so much love and support. Some new friends, some friends I’ve known for a year, and some friends I’ve grown closer to. I keep saying this but I’m really thankful for my CNM friends. πŸ™‚

A fishy end to the Semester

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