What reading week?

I’ve been doing anything but reading for the past five days omg. Saturday I decided to give myself a break because the previous week was so tiring. So Saturday I didn’t touch any books. But omg maybe it’s because I started reading week with a nua day = THE REST OF READING WEEK ALSO NUA. T.T

Sunday I was struck with a terrible headache 😥 Went for aerobics (which was good!) hoping that all I needed was some exercise but nope it got worse D: Oh but I had a super yummy dinner of roasted chicken and my all-time-favourite stuffed mushrooms. LOVED IT. Was supposed to drive to the airport to pick my daddy up but my headache was killing me so I ended up sleeping sigh. Sorry mumz.

THEN MONDAY ROLLED AROUND. I decided that NO this cannot continue because I want to watch movie and hang out w ST. So I took a panadol. AND YAY much better 😀 Met ST at about 12 at the movie theatre at Northpoint (but not really at Northpoint). Bought tickets for the 12.30pm showing of Three Peas In A Pod.

Susu gave a rave review for it and PJ wasn’t that impressed by it, but I think I heard some good things about it so I decided that I wanted to watch it. Initially ST and I planned to watch Make Your Move starring BoA. But I watched the trailer and realised it’s a typical dance movie and not really worth watching paying $7 to watch it. So we decided to check out Michelle Chong’s new movie instead.

I was quite glad that it wasn’t very crowded because I was worried that ST and my whispered comments to each other would disrupt the rest. WAS OKAY.

I really enjoyed the movie! I loved the soundtrack and the plot twists (sorta). I don’t rly wna comment on the acting because they’re already 100x better than me. But suffice to say it didn’t affect the experience 😀

Here’s the Korean version of the song for you to enjoy. There’s a Chinese version as well but… I prefer the Korean version. Not because I’m biased but I really think it sounds better. Even though I understand the Chinese version better (duh).

I also have new found appreciation for Xander. I’ve never actually checked out U-Kiss (still haven’t) but I think his voice is not bad. Too bad he left U-Kiss! I also realised that he’s actually not thaaat cute. But his voice + juxtaposed against Calvin… teehee 😉

After the movie we had a light shared lunch at Cafe Cartel. I was q disappointed in the ribs though, sigh sorry ST 😦 WE’LL HAVE YUMMIER FOOD TOGETHER NEXT TIME.

Because I was so unsatisfied by our dinner, we bought chips, a drink, and two cakes to make up for it LOL. FSWM. Went to ST’s house to nua and I was supposed to do my readings but we all know how that would have turned out. Watched YouTube videos and generally nua-ed our time away.

Took the bus home at about 6plus and that’s the end of my day w ST wheeee 🙂 Love you ST ~

What reading week?

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