24 September (recess week)

Picture taken in the morn ^^
Picture taken in the morn ^^

This happened like a million years ago oh my gosh. Sze Ming, Sam and I met during recess week to do our UTU project. We were supposed to observe the diurnal motion of stars.

Dum dum dum I bet you’re like what in the universe (lol see what I did there) is that right! It’s the motion of stars across our night sky due to Earth’s rotation. So.. when you take a timelapse image, you get really pretty streaks of light. However at the point in time, I didn’t really understand that yet because I had not started revision so I was just really lost and didn’t really wna observe something I didn’t understand.

Instead of setting up our stuff, we somehow ended up in a common area of RVR where Sze Ming stays and we were Googling ‘simple astronomical experiments’ – things along those lines. AND IN THE END WE FOUND IT ^^ We decided to observe Rayleigh scattering of light (the reason why the sky is blue). The experiment was so incredibly simple heh. But we couldn’t conduct it because we didn’t have the materials we needed. So we decided to postpone our experiment day and Sam went home. I already packed my stuff to stay overnight at Ming’s room so I decided to just stay and maybe get started on my revision.

Went up to her room and we settled down and I attempted to revise UTU. Attempt is a good word that accurately describes what I did LOL. It was just really difficult to start revision and Ming and I ended up getting ready to sleep really soon. But not actually sleep heh. We brushed our teeth and changed and had a little H2H talk. We talked about so many things oh gosh. It was my first time hanging out w Ming one-on-one I think. We weren’t actually that close before that night (or before this semester actually). So yup it was really nice talking to her and getting to know her so much better. We talked about things like our first impressions of our group of friends, confided in each other and yknw, all those usual things. Was really nice tho. πŸ™‚

Was tired after awhile so we fell asleep. I warned her about my Luhan alarm though so that she wouldn’t get a shock in the morning πŸ˜› Woke up and got ready for the day and I went home.

Chronologically, this brings us to my exploring/act hipster day with ST.

Actually this post seems quite pointless right LOL. It’s always like that I think. It’s just talking to each other and getting to know each other better, so there isn’t much to document. But it’s that heartwarming feeling of forging closer friendships that I want to remember so here this post is.

Oh yes, other pictures (of us) from the day we had our observatory tutorial some time later. πŸ˜€ We saw the sun and the moon through a telescope! COOL STUFF. Only in UTU.

Light from the sun we observed
Light from the sun we observed

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