New look!

As you can obviously tell yayyy! 😀 Was getting a bit bored of my previous look because I’ve had it for more than a year? I’ve been wanting to change it up for quite a while now but I wasn’t able to find anything appropriate – customisation isn’t one of the features of WordPress. I almost considered moving back to Blogger because I wanted to be able to customise the look again.

Plus I’ve learnt more about HTML and CSS now so I’m like 10% better at reading and understanding code yay! 😀 One of the most useful modules I’ve taken so far.

But I found this theme which I’m kinda happy with so I’m sticking with WordPress. Moving back to Blogger reminds me of my secondary school/ JC days heh. I can’t believe I’ve been chronicling my life in my secondary school days wow. Actually I probably started on primary school. But I am definitely NOT going to take that trip down memory lane. Too many cringe worthy ways of typing omg. I was such a twit HAHA.

[Edit] I JUST REALISED THIS THEME IS A RESPONSIVE THEME!!! Omg so amazed hahaha. Just try resizing your window, notice how the layout changes as well? Cool stuff. Exciting ~~ [/Edit]

Hope you guys like the new theme! And yes I’m gna be back to blog more now, sorry about the hiatus my dear friends who still bother to read 😛 I’ve been too incredibly busy with school that I haven’t had the time to sit down and blog. Sigh pie sorry blog ):

But it’s reading week now and I surprisingly feel more free because it’s the first time in three semesters that I only have three exams! Gasp. Hahaha false sense of security oops. Will start revision soon! I actually still have another assignment due on Wednesday sigh. LET’S DO THIS 🙂

New look!

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