Bigbang is back


20 September

Sigh how can I forget this day right RIGHT. It’s been almost a month since this and I’m only blogging about it now. I really hope I’m able to do justice to the day’s events.

Okay so… Friday’s a school day so I went to school. I was super upset when I realised that I have to attend a Welcome Tea session for student leaders. I really didn’t want to go, but I didn’t have much of a choice because I felt that 1. it was my responsibility, and since I took up the position, I should fulfill my obligations and 2. I couldn’t just throw it to someone else right. So off I went for the welcome tea at 4pm. I guess I was sorta glad that I went because there was really some quite useful information and we sorta interacted w the excos from the other societies. So that’s good. Should get to know more people ~

The whole thing ended quite fast – the food was’t that huge a draw to stay also LOL. So I rushed rushed to City Hall to meet Susu. Oh yes I forgot to mention the event details oops.

Big Bang was back in Singapore performing as FIVE for the first time for like super long (becos they’ve been so busy with their individual activities). They were the opening act for F1 in Singapore. And so.. that’s the first time I’ve been so near the track for the several years Singapore has held F1 LOL. And I didn’t even see a single car -.- Anyway, when I found out about it, I immediately asked Choonz and Susu who obviously agreed because who wouldn’t wna see Big Bang at such a steal omg. $69 for one and a half hours? MUST BUY.

Yup so I went to meet Susu at City Hall. But then we had to wait for Choonz who ended at after 6.30pm OH NOES. Okay you’re probably thinking like um isn’t that damn early since the concert starts at 11.15pm?! UMM NO. Hahaha especially not when the concert is a free standing one and YOU KNOW that fangirls are going to be there / have been there since the afternoon omg.

Thank goodness I had ST there who gave us like 10 minute updates HAHA. On the other hand, his messages made me feel damn panicked also. Like omgomg am I not going to be able to be in the fanzone. WILL I NOT BE ABLE TO SEE BIGBANG UP CLOSE. I WANT TO SEE BIG BANG. I NEED TO SEE THEM!!!!

Yup so anyway. Susu and I decided to buy a drink and camp at Starbucks.

[digression] Omg suddenly I feel so amazed at how I managed to pack my netbook, charger, cardigan and ALL into my little bag. Must be the power of love [/digression end]

We chose Starbucks because of… the power outlets. HAHAHA OMG. Slaves to our mobiles really. Sigh but what to do! My phone was left with close to 50% of battery left. If I didn’t charge it, I would be completely uncontactable. Which is quite disastrous because the concert ended past midnight, my parents would be worrying their heads off. D: COULDN’T DO THAT TO MY PARENTS RIGHT /beams immagooddaughter

As our phones’ battery increased, so did our anxiety level. I was like omg where is choonz WHERE IS CHOONZ can we leave her tix here and go first? no we cannot becos we’re friends and she wouldn’t do that to me BUT I WANT TO SEE BIGBANG OMG SHUITA YOU ARE SCARING ME OMG. Yeah so much of my thoughts were like that in the time that we were waiting.

Finally we decided that okay enough is enough (I mean like battery life HAHA) so we decided to go to the supermarket at the basement to get water (becos experienced!ST’scousin says we need water if not we will faint and won’t be able to see Big Bang – or something to that extent HAHA) and newspapers (but in the end we didn’t really need it because we were not that early / there wasn’t much space to sit where we were) and some food because susu needed dinner for her medicine and I just needed to eat.

Luckily by then Choonz was near, so we waited for her to buy her dinner (my thoughts were: omg hurry up Choonz WE NEED TO RUN)  Once the three of us made contact, exchanged hurried greetings, ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM OFF SUSU WENT OMG HAHAHAHAHA I WAS SO AMAZED AMUSED TIRED BECOS WE WERE REALLY FLYING THROUGH THE CROWD



ZOOM ZOOM. HAHAHAHA. Omg thank goodness for susu really. HOW ELSE WOULD WE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO MAKE IT TO THE PADANG STAGE IN WHAT, 5 MINS? i don’t even know. I was SO TIRED. Couldn’t even look around because we were THAT FAST. HAHA.

But then.

In the end.

WE WERE STUCK BEHIND THE BARRIER OMG. T.T I could have cried there and then.

Told ST that we were there but OUTSIDE THE FANZONE (i.e. so near yet so far). Then his lifesaver cousin came to find us and scoped out the situation. HAHA she’s really damn amazing. So grateful for her also. She tried so hard to get security to let us in, saying that we were her siblings and stuff like that. But security was really strict and like NO. But she got the inside info (which she texted to me) that they would let us in after awhile and we were to STAY. WHERE. WE. WERE. Okay message received. So we continued waiting with renewed faith and vigour.

And we waited.

And we waited

And we waited.

For two long and excruciating hours. Which I spent either talking to Susu and Choonz or eavesdropping on the conversation a group next to us was engaging in becos it really sounded too ridiculous. I actually don’t even remember what they were talking about haha but I was really too urgh angsty and annoyed like WHEN CAN WE GO INNN. And it was so so warm and humid and I was so sticky and gross sigh. And so so near to strangers. NOT A GOOD FEELING.

Obviously the only thing that kept me going was the thought of Big Bang.



We were one of the first to get into the fanzone when they let people in again, so we kinda had the time to chill and sit on the newspapers ST’s cousin brought. THEN ST HAD THE BRILLIANT, BADLY TIMED NEED TO USE THE WASHROOM. DUM DUM DUM. So he left our cosy, safe haven and NEVER CAME BACK.

Like really.

Hahaha. Every time we turned to look at the crowd, it felt like they were GRADUALLY CLOSING IN ON US. Yknw like those dramas. DUN. DUN. DUN. Quite scary. We encountered a few not so nice, not so friendly fans also. SCARY PEOPLE . After awhile we had to stand up and leave our nest of newspapers because of pressure. THE SCARY PEOPLE

Scary encounter #1: Once we stood up, a girl behind Susu immediately started to NUDGE HER FORWARD. Like quite fiercely. And not nice at all. POOR SUSU GOT HER BACK ASSAULTED BY THE RANDOM GIRL.

Scary encounter #2: ST finally managed to squeeze his way back into the terrible crowd and he was stuck three rows behind us. So I did what any friend would do – I tried to reach my arm out to him to indicate that hello this guy is my friend could you please let him through. THEN THE GIRLS WHO WERE RIGHT BEHIND ME MOCK-WHISPERED TO EACH OTHER “She’s tryna let  her friend through” and they stuck closer to each other. I WAS LIKE OMGWTHRUSRS. And soon I gave up hahaha.

Interesting encounter #1: Because we failed in getting ST through the crowd back to our loving arms, we were so amazed when we saw a skinny guy SQUEEZE THROUGH the crowd to get out and… SQUEEZE BACK IN WITH A FRIEND IN TOW. We analysed the situation and figured that it’s because he was small and scrawny (people were scared of his elbows poking them maybe) and because he knew where the holes were to wiggle through. Amazing.


There were several times during the concert I paused and thought to myself

OMG I can’t believe I’m seeing them IN REAL LIFE. Not through a screen. IN REAL LIFE. This is so unreal.

Honestly. During some songs I was AWASH WITH LOVE FOR BIGBANG AND KPOP IN GENERAL. I was so near to them really.

TOP THREW HIS TOWEL IN MY VICINITY. Okay not rly my vicinity, nearer to Susu actually. But near enough for me to feel excited, far enough for me to not try to grab it. THE FAN WHO GOT IT REALLY… intense man. Actually I wouldn’t know what to do w his towel also. Quite gross right. /logicalfan

BUT OMG TOP IS REALLY DAMN FREAKING HANDSOME. Completely unreal, how can someone have such a beautiful face. TELL ME.

The only thing I was a bit sad about was that GD hardly came over to our side of the stage.. 😥 He only came once w Seungri. Who came x100 times HAHA. I wonder if he saw someone he finds pretty. But not thick skin enough to think that it’s me la -.- EVEN I KNOW HOW TO GIVE MYSELF A REALITY CHECK OK.

I was so super happy when GD performed Crooked!! It’s really one of my favourite songs off his latest album. Really got the crowd going also ahh happy song.

Oh and Taeyang had some strange rap about the food they had in Singapore. OF COURSE THE ALL TIME FAVOURITE CHILLI CRAB MADE THE LIST HAHA. The next time some K-pop celebrity comes to Singapore, I’m gna stake out the chilli crab places. WHY IS IT THAT NOBODY SEES THEM EATING CHILLI CRAB IF THEY ALWAYS EAT IT WHEN THEY COME.

Omg does that mean that during MBC Kwave when 16 different artists + TTS are coming… THE CHILLI CRAB PLACES ARE GNA BE FLOODED WITH KPOP PEOPLE HAHAHAHA. Okay yknw what to do now.

Hahaha I amuse myself.

I didn’t really take photos/videos during the concert. Partly because I wanted to conserve energy and partly because I wanted to be immersed in the experience of the concert. I WANTED TO EXPERIENCE IT. JUMP UP AND DOWN and not care that my video is gna be blur.

So I did.

But obviously I did manage to take a few photos.. but not clear. IT’S OKAY THO. I have the images of them in my head ❤ sigh such a good experience. WORTH IT.

The concert ended really fast sigh. NOBODY WANTED TO MOVE FOR FEAR THAT THEY’D APPEAR AGAIN HAHA. Obviously they didn’t. Then we followed ST’s cousin out to the MRT at a much more leisurely pace this time. Still reeling from the concert and the perfect that is Big Bang. /swoon

BUT THEN WE WERE OBVIOUSLY TOO LEISURELY. Because just as we got to City Hall MRT, they said that there were no more trains. Literally ONCE WE GOT THERE they started to turn people away. So what choice did we have but to trudge to the bus stop. Feeling sticky and gross but still super happy from the concert of course.

ST and I were super lucky because I was just flapping my arm out in a weak, half-hearted attempt to flag down a cab AND VIOLA. The cab stopped haha how lucky right. AND THE CAB DRIVER WAS SO SPEEDY!!! Like zoom zoom I got home in record time.

Probably because the roads were really clear as well. Hahaha. But both ST and I got home in record time w/o really busting our wallets. HAPPY US.

So yup got home, showered and scrolled through various social media to relive the experience from people’s photos and videos.

Was such a good experience 🙂 🙂 🙂

The best/clearest photo of the night I think. PLUS IT HAS GD.
The best/clearest photo of the night I think. PLUS IT HAS GD.
Bigbang is back

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