20 reasons to smile on my 20th (Part 2)


Mei and I had to fly off to Raffles Place because my mum almost lost her temper when she found out we were still at Esplanade. It was because I was dilly dallying hahaha HOW COULD I BEAR TO LEAVE THE FULL OF SURPRISES ESPLANADE ROOFTOP RIGHT. ST, Hazel, PJ and I left together, making sure I was holding and showing off the board that announced my birthday to the world. To our greatest surprise (and Hazel was super happy I think), a lady actually came up to me to wish me a happy birthday when we were tryna take a picture hahaha. Whee thank you random lady for adding to my happy birthday 🙂

So mei and I rushed over to Si Chuan Dou Hua Restuarant to meet my family (who were all there already oops). ALL WAITING FOR THE BIRTHDAY GIRL AKA ME AND MEIMEI. Because it was a combined dinner celebration for the both of us. Saving money by celebrating together wheee.  My parents got me a bouquet as well! Pretty flowers! :D:D Turns out my parents were in on the secret too gosh MY FAMILY SO DEVIOUS ❤

Had a super good dinner w family omg EXPENSIVE GOOD FOOD REALLY. But I was a bit full and high on happiness so somehow the food sorta paled in comparison to what I had experienced just hours ago haha oops. Q wasted right D: But rly the food was super good. Didn’t take pictures of it because the table was too laden w food to take a nice shot. BUT my tummy was v happy.

Took several pictures at the restaurant itself because we wanted a background different from the white wall at home LOL. Some of my favourite pictures of the day ~

Hello my dear siblings~
Hello my dear siblings~

Featured is the huge pink board I was carrying around LOL.

We decided to try the dou hua since yknw.. the place is Si Chuan Dou Hua. BUT THEN I think Rochor Beancurd um is just as good. Maybe idk how to appreciate it oops.

After that we gathered our many belongings and off we went to my daddy’s car.



BUT THE CAR COULDN’T START OMG HAHAHAHA SO EXCITING RIGHT. Of all days for it to happen… LOL. Was quite hilarious.

So I left some stuff in the car (like my board oops) and then we all went to cab home while my daddy (poor thing) waited for AA to come give life to his dead battery. SIGH I felt so bad for abandoning daddy by his car alone 😦

Went home and didn’t do much. Waited for daddy to come home to cut my birthday caaaakeeeee yay!! SUPER CUTE BIRTHDAY CAKE THIS YEAR. I didn’t realise it was so cute when I selected it.

Tall as a sunflower
Tall as a sunflower

Didn’t realise that the words on the cake were so meaningful HAHAHA. Sunflower. Height. HAS A HUGE RELATION TO ME.

So we of course did our usual family phototaking thing at every birthday ~

surrounded by physical representations of the love of my friends and family omg LUCKY
surrounded by physical representations of the love of my friends and family omg LUCKY

But my brother was too tired by then already so we didn’t have that many fun photos this year sigh pie. Glad we took so many pictures at the restaurant so I didn’t feel that upset about it. BESIDES NOTHING COULD SPOIL MY MOOD THAT DAY MAN.

After eating the cake my mum walked my grandma home (yay happy about this as well, becos I rly think my mum should spend more time w my popo) so mei and I waited for her to come home so that we could open my presents together~

Usually I get a bit upset when we don’t follow the ritual through (yes I’m childish like that oops). Like at every birthday, we have to take photos as a family, individual / group shots, then cut and give out the cake, then sit down together and watch the birthday kid open and marvel at his/her gifts. But then since my 20th birthday already so incredibly atypical and happy-making.. I was completely fine w only mei and mummy w me while I opened my presents. HAHA

Clue #4: Mummy called out mei for texting while I was opening my gifts. But I figured it was probably something to do with school so I was like ‘aiya nvm la’

And I’ve discovered that perhaps gifts are getting less and less meaningful to me (unless it’s thoughtful/useful/something I rly want) and heartfelt letters are what really makes me happy. The idea that my friend has put in effort and time to write me a lovely long letter is something far more precious to me now. GROWING UP EH THIS PUISAN.

So that was done and the Chia family birthday rituals came to an end. Mei and I retired to our room where she…

Clue #5: Was busy w the iPad when I emerged from the washroom and our room looked suspiciously neat. I was thinking like, wow she so fast start looking for news articles for GP / why she pack our room suddenly but okay.


She turned to me and said “Eh jie, I found this website quite interesting” or something along that lines.

So I innocently took the iPad and DUM DUM DUM DUMMMMMMMM


My outwardly reaction was more like “Eh? Eh?? What is this isn’t this hmm hmmm”


So like it was all fine before I decided to call ST to properly thank him for all he has prepared for me omg. Surprise + tumblr?! 真的要?!!!

Damn super duper grateful and I think it just ALL HIT ME WHEN I STARTED TALKING TO THIS BFFFF FOR THE PAST SIX YEARS. Like super overwhelmed by all the love from my friends and the happiness from the day and I just started to WAIL. I just kept going like ‘omg why are you all so nice to me really you’re so nice I’m so touched what have I done omg thank you thank you thank you’

I closed the door to cry but then my parents rushed over like super worried, thinking that something bad happened. THEY WERE LIKE WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU SIAO AH LOLOL.

But yeah I was just really super thankful for all that ST planned for me. Even tho he kept saying that oh no Hazel did a lot also I’m sure Hazel did really BUT I KNOW YOU MASTER PLANNER LA YOU. ❤ Thank you so so so much ST 爱死你了.

Yup so that’s how I ended my super exciting 20th birthday. 😀 Thank you everyone involved in it. LOVE YOU GUYS TO BITS.

20 reasons to smile on my 20th (Part 2)

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