Omg I just realised how this post will link to the next, if I post about my birthday next that is. Because ST told me that he wasn’t free on my birthday, we decided to hang out on the Wednesday of recess week when he had his off day. So idk about you ST, but it was sorta like a hang out day + birthday-not-birthday-yet celebration for me.

We had a lot of trouble deciding what to do because I didn’t really want to go to places to play (not really in the mood because of school) but we were on a budget for food. Then I remembered the cafe hopping day w the NM buddies. So I suggested the place to ST since we don’t usually go to these places. WE THE HEARTLANDERS AT HEART.

I was slightly early so I decided to go do my nails at the salon next to the MRT station. $6 for express eh. I WAS HAPPY. Until they tried to sell a $399 package to a poor uni student wth. Not sure if I wna go back there already D: BUT IT’S CHEAP AND NEAR. Don’t have to go all the way to Far East!! Yeah so because I was doing my nails I was late -.- Oopsie

Met ST and boarded the train to Tanjong Pagar. We had a few exciting moments as the train kept jerking and stopping. SO EXCITING ‘ARE WE GOING TO BE STUCK IN THE TRAIN??’ ‘OMG WE CAN USE THE EXTINGUISHER TO BREAK THE GLASS!!’ Then there was an announcement… “I need to <abruptly cut off” WE ARE FOREVER WONDERING WHAT THE TRAIN OPERATOR NEEDED TO DO OMG. We speculated that the train was hijacked. Someone gagged him from behind. CONSPIRACYYYY. But the train started to move along normally after that so sigh. Big fuss for nothing.

Oh I also spent the time travelling telling ST about what I’m learning in school. Thanks for listening ST :D:D

Arrived at Tanjong Pagar and asked for directions. Got momentarily lost but I recognised my surroundings and we got safely to Group Therapy.

Took superrr long to decide on what to eat but it was worth the time because we made such GOOD CHOICES.

Check out my handsome ST

Look at him tryna smirk but not really because can you imagine a smirking Dames??

And this is me hard at work

Kidding. Idk what I was doing but I like this pic because my arms don't look that fat
Kidding. Idk what I was doing but I like this pic because my arms don’t look that fat. And my hair quite nice also.ย 

Our food came soon. And in line with our act hipster theme of the day…

Featuring smoked salmon with poached eggs on toast and chilli crab pie


Chilli crab pie was a pleasant surprise. ACTUALLY EVERYTHING WAS DAMN GOOD LA REALLY. The salmon yumz I have realised that I like smoked salmon because it doesn’t really have the fishy taste.

So yup we had a good time telling stories and chatting and talking about idk what but time passed so quickly and we were full and exclaiming about how delicious the food was.

Then WE DECIDED TO ORDER DESSERT BECAUSE WHAT MEAL IS COMPLETE WITHOUT DESSERT RIGHT ANOT RIGHT. Again we spent like what, 15 minutes deciding what to get? It was down to the apple pie I had the last time or a cheesecake. Chose the cheesecake in the end because it was cheaper (I think) and because I haven’t tried it before.

tiny cheesecake

SIGH SO TINYYYY NOT WORTH THE $7. So tiny urgh heart pain.

Polished off the cheesecake in a jiffy because it was so tiny.

Paid then off we went to explore some more. Walked to this like little bookstore which seemed to be straight out of the books (lol I’m so funny right). It was quite intimidating though the people downstairs so we climbed to the second floor where it was empty and I felt way more at ease there. The books there… I’m sure they were shelved in some system but I’m not sure what. But what was really interesting to me was the little book review post-its stuck on the shelves. I APPROVE. ๐Ÿ˜€

Escaped from the confines of the bookstore and again we drifted around, following people who seemed to know where they were headed. Ended up at red dot museum but it wasn’t open so too bad for us. The store was open though so we browsed but were confused at what they were actually selling and the exorbitant prices.

Took one more picture before we went back to the hustle and bustle of our daily lives:


So glad we’ve managed to remain friends all through Sec 3-4, JC, Uni/Army (tho not over yet). I can’t wait to plan your 55th birthday party.

People keep asking me why we aren’t together if we’re so close. But really, there’s not a single romantic love feeling in our friendship. How could I romantically love someone who’s practically an extension of me? Some people don’t seem to understand that D: I’m so proud of my ST because he’s so cool and supportive and I really really believe that we’ll be friends for a long time. Yknw how in primary school we’re always friends forever and we end up being only friends for one year. WE WILL BE THE OUTLIERRRR.

That’s all. Love you long time ST hope you enjoyed my very touching 900 words post on what you described as “we just went to 1. eat 2. walk”.




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