Date w Raroro

eLearning weeeeeek! So I asked raroro whether she was free because we really really don’t hang out nowadays already D: The only time I see her is at Amore. And she’s wearing her exercise clothes and shaking her behind and very intense HAHA. At first our plan was to study together during elearning week but we realised that it’s quite nonsense because we would just be doing our own work, facing our own laptop. A BIT NO POINT. So we decided to just spend a day out together yayzors! πŸ˜€

We went for BellyBlitz together in the morning. It was… okay. Not that tiring and I didn’t really enjoy it as much as the last time so a bit meh. Raroro left after that but I really wanted to go for Jazz so I did and YAY. So glad I went. I really enjoy his choreography and the songs he use and really ahhh so nice so nice. Had a lovely ache after the class whee. Good aches!

After that I quickly showered and got ready to meet my lovely rarorooooo :D:D wore the dress I bought when I met Sherlyn the week before. My dress w zebra prints wheeee cutest dress

I was so happy that raroro decided that we can go Food For Thought really HAHA. And so touched that dear healthy raroro would be okay with pigging out w me at Food For Thought. SHOWS HOW IMPORTANT I AM TO HER HEH.

Met her at the bus stop and we took a bus to the museum. WAS QUITE AN EXPERIENCE because I think I haven’t been there for super long and it’s rly q nice to take pictures there and stuff. But I didn’t bring my camera so all we had were our phones and my instax D: Should have brought my camera meh.

Found the place and we ordered a giant breakfast set each omg WE WERE SO HUNGRYYYY D: But I couldn’t finish it and ended up playing w my food and making a face w my leftovers. I didn’t find the food thaaat super duper good. Like it was yummy but I’m not sure if it’s worth the price. Really v expensive D: Probably also because I ordered a $7 iced chocolate LOL something wrong w me.

But the place was rly nice and bright. I like bright spaces. So I was happy.

Then we explored the place a little. More because we wanted to find a nice place to take pictures teehee. We asked an old lady to help us but omg THE CAMERA WAS ZOOMED IN HAHAHAHA. She took like five minutes to help us take a picture, I kept bursting in laughter because really q funny. In the end the pic not even nice -.- But nice of the old lady, she rly didn’t know it was zoomed in and kept moving backwards.

Found some young girls after that so we got them to help us take a picture πŸ˜€

Dress dayyy :D
Dress dayyy πŸ˜€

So happy w the photo because we really have v few photos together after we graduated from NJ D: No more events and we’re always meeting only in the gym D: BUT I’m glad she goes to Amore also because I think if not for her, I wouldn’t go to half the Amore classes that I go for. THANKS FOR BEING MY INSPIRATION πŸ™‚

They helped us to take an instax as well πŸ˜€ Thank you kind people who sorta know how to take an instax hahaha.

After that we explored a bit more and decided to go to Cineleisure where according to raroro, only certain types of people hang out. WHICH WAS QUITE TRUE HAHAHA. Found cute phone covers for her new S4 and we got a matchy owl phone cover. I love having matchy things w my friends – makes me feel closer to them even when we’re apart (cheesy and childish I know!)

Walked around Cine a bit but there wasn’t much. After that I had to go for my cousin’s rehearsal for her wedding so byebye raroro.

Grateful that we had this day together πŸ˜€ And how she allows me to ramble on and on and only chastises me for it once in awhile. And how I can talk about anything to her. And how she accepts the nicknames I give her. And how she indulges me by listening to my no-climax stories. And how our friendship has evolved from St Nicks to NJ to Uni now. Thanks for being my friend lovely raroro.

Date w Raroro

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